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CAMC Projects

Details of some of our ongoing and recently completed research is highlighted below. You can see the full range of CAMC projects here:

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Cultural Memory

painting of a woman with her arms up in an open golden frame hanging on a wall

Gothic Modern, 1870s-1920s — From Munch to Kollwitz

Gothic Modern, 1870s-1920s is the first in-depth study to explore the pivotal importance of late medieval Gothic art for the artistic modernisms of the late nineteenth and early twentieth-centuries.

seventeenth century map

A Floating World: Memory, Climate and Race in the British Atlantic World

Drawing on an interdisciplinary body of scholarship that combines the history and science of climate change with literary and cultural histories, racial theories, and feminist ecocriticism, this project develops a view of premodern climate change as anthropogenic and racialized, and investigates how local phenomena register global conditions.

painting of a dark city

Veiled Cities – Haunted Urban Realities in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

This project is addressed to art, cultural and memory historians of urban spaces between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries – as well as of the art, literature, music that solemnised the city.

english and polish flags split apart like a jigsaw puzzle

Polish Émigrés in London

The project seeks to establish the ways in which Polish émigrés contributed to debates concerning empire, how race and racial identity shaped engagement with discussions of imperial issues and the interactions of Polish émigré writers in London with the people of other empires.

collection of letters tied together with string

Return to Sender: Mapping Memory Journeys in the Europeana 1914-1918 Postcard Archive

Archives, as a combination of individual artefacts from different contributors, times and locations, are where society builds its collective memories. Europeana, as a transnational digital archive, furthers this aim in terms of both scale and accessibility.

Wellbeing and the Arts

lit candles

Creative Approaches to Death and Grief

Grief is a universal human experience, and a natural response to the loss of a loved one. This project explores ways in which we can reach a better understanding of grief, and use this understanding to improve support for those experiencing it.

GILL logo

Gendered Innovation Living Labs (GILL)

GILL, coordinated by ENoLL, the largest network of Living Labs (LL), will develop a pan-European collaboration and learning hub based on the LL principles to become the open innovation framework for all European actors for open gendered innovation.

Person holding a piece of paper that reads ADHD

Developing a Needs Assessment Plan for Self-Management of Adult ADHD

The project directly engages the public, policymakers, charity organisations and medical practitioners to understand the effect of late-stage ADHD self-identification and diagnosis in adulthood, and to explore community experiences, needs and requirements for non-pharmaceutical interventions for ADHD symptom self-management.

healthcare professional holding the hand of a patient


The SHAPES project has been funded for three years to design, manufacture and trial a self, or carer-managed intervention that could be deployed early after stroke to treat post-stroke elbow spasticity.

Newborn baby held by its mother next to healthcare professional

Designing Communication for Newborn Screening

The 'heel-prick' screening for newborns detects infants who may have rare yet serious conditions. This initiative aims to enhance and broaden the newborn screening service by including an additional five rare and complex conditions, which are often unfamiliar to parents.

Critical Practices

Professor Carolina Rito speaking in a stand

Fulbright Fellowship

The Fulbright Fellowship will see Professor Carolina Rito develop a new research framework for curatorial studies through NY-based case studies, aid universities in practice research programs and assist funding bodies in curatorial research opportunities.

Colourful painting that represents the black arts movement

Black Arts Movement in Coventry

This project explores the unique and exceptional role of Coventry and the Midlands in the foundation of the British Black Art Movement (BAM) in the 1980s.

one black book and one blue book next to each othe

Institution as Praxis

The project aims to identify and advocate for a multiplicity of practices taking place across the cultural sector that do not only engage with the quest to deliver cultural activities but generate new modes of knowledge production and research in the field of visual culture, art, and the curatorial.

drawing of trees in red pen

Drawing Conversations

This project expands upon the limited research on collective and collaborative drawing, culminating in the first international Drawing Conversations Symposium. This symposium is complemented by the Drawn Conversations Exhibition at Coventry University and a series of accompanying publications.

Posters up on the wall in a room with tables and chairs


This project facilitates socially engaged photographic practice with people experiencing homelessness, empowering them to capture their own photographs and take charge of their portrayal, challenging misconceptions surrounding homelessness.

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