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Empowering older people and families in fall management: a usability study of the Fallcheck app

Centre for Intelligent Healthcare

Fallcheck is a web-app developed at Coventry University and enables a user to conduct a home-hazard assessment in their own, or a relative’s home. 

Curious Stories Current Projects

Young People’s Understanding of Sexual Consent and Sexual Exploitation Current Projects

Research seeking to explore young people’s understanding of sexual consent, using qualitative research methods. 

The forgotten half million: new measures to assess mental health outcomes in adults with autism Current Projects

Developing new measures to enable service providers to assess depression and suicidality in adults with autism, and establish national prevalence of these in the UK to inform policy.

Early Cancer Detection Consortium Current Projects

Early Cancer Detection Consortium - Systematic Reviews to Underpin the Development of a Generic Blood Test for Cancer 

InoCardia: Novel human-cell based assay for assessment of cardiovascular liability Current Projects

Centre for Sport, Exercise and Life Sciences

InoCardia: Novel human-cell based assay for assessment of cardiovascular liability.

Through the eyes of children, young people and families - Evaluation of the model of care delivered by WellChild Nurses Current Projects

Through the Eyes of Children, Young People and Families - An evaluation of the Model of Care Delivered by WellChild Nurses.

ComMent: Social Enterprise Training for Community Mental Health Care Current Projects

The purpose of the ComMent project is to create educational resources for entrepreneurial skills development tailored to the identified mental health professionals” needs.

Developing and Evaluating a Web-Based Self-Management Programme: iHOPE for Cancer Survivors Current Projects

A mixed methods approach was used to obtain both qualitative feedback from interviews, forums and survey free text responses and quantitative information from usability surveys and quality of life, mental health and wellbeing outcome data.

Gyrodrive Original Equipment Development Current Projects

Institute for Future Transport & Cities

In this project, Coventry University has joined with GKN Hybrid Power, GKN AutoStructures, S&S Windings and Alexander Dennis Limited, to develop a Gyrodrive sytem solution that will be optimised for fitment to buses as original equipment.

Demonstrating Quality of Life Impacts: Home Improvement Loans for those Experiencing Financial Exclusion Current Projects

Centre for Business in Society

Demonstrating Quality of Life Impacts: Home Improvement Loans for those Experiencing Financial Exclusion

Error Network Completed Projects

Centre for Dance Research

The overall objective is to set up a Research Network that will hold two workshop/laboratories and a symposium to identify important research questions concerning how dance research and human-computer interaction (HCI) can inform each other through consideration of error, ambiguity and 'messiness' as methodological tools.

CARNIVAL Current Projects

Centre for Business in Society

CARNIVAL is a research project that examines the impact of cultural and sporting ‘mega-events’, including (but not limited to) the World Cup, the Commonwealth Games, the Olympics, Mardi Gras, Glastonbury and the Rio Carnival.

Changing Attitudes Towards Dating Violence in Adolescents (CAVA) Current Projects

The CAVA project focused on Changing Attitudes to Dating and Violence in Adolescents through the use of an immersive and engaging video game designed to appeal to young people.

The Coventry and Warwick Morphology and Phonology Project Current Projects

This project investigates how much children use information about the internal structure of words to compensate for difficulties in phonics when reading and writing.

An economic impact tool for the community finance industry Current Projects

Centre for Business in Society

The aim of this project is to create a (very) easy to use methodology and tool for the community development sector that allows a consistent, robust and real time ability to report the value of the economic impacts of community finance lending.

Emotion processing and intervention in Autism Spectrum Conditions Current Projects

The Emotion processing and intervention in Autism Spectrum Conditions project aims to develop new innovative methods to explore how those with autism process emotions in realistic social situations. This project also aims to development new evidence based interventions to improve emotion processing skills in people with autism.

Essential features of serious games design: A critical review and game pedagogic planner Current Projects

The study aims to provide guidance on design of serious games that reflects the principles underpinning learning design. 

Exploring Understanding of Sexual Consent Amongst Young People Current Projects

The overall aim of this research was to explore young people’s views on sexual consent, investigating how contexts affect the understanding and ability to consent, and beginning to explore the influence of social differences on attitudes towards consent.

Faith Based Conflict Prevention Current Projects

Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

The aim of this project is to understand the role of churches and other faith groups in helping to spot early signs of violence and to stop it from happening. Examples in Nigeria and the Solomon Islands will be observed. 

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