Don’t Dis my Ability: Marginalised voices from sport (Pilot)

This project investigates how technological tools, such as social media, may support or constrain people with disabilities in the development of their political interests and careers.

Understanding the role of prolactin on neuronal metabolism and its implications for gestation and lactation conditions

The pituitary lactogenic hormone prolactin (Prl) has well recognised physiological actions in humans and rodents in lactation and reproduction.

Characterising Neurological Disorders with Nonlinear System Identification and Network Analysis

With an increasingly ageing population, neurological disorders (ND), including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease (AD and PD), are becoming the second leading cause of death and the world's largest cause of disability-adjusted life years. Currently, incurable ND have a devastating impact on individuals, families and a heavy economic burden on societies.

Breaking the Time Barrier: Using AI to Map the Evolution of Legal Precedents

This research aims to fill two important research gaps: Dynamicity of law and reasons for citation.

Allostery-driven G protein selectivity in the adenosine A1 receptor

The A1R is a high-value drug target but is linked to serious cardiovascular side effects because it activates multiple G proteins. 

Scalable Delivery of Applied PEMD Training

SD-APT brings together diverse organisations with established experience in innovation within the delivery of skills and training and expertise in PEMD to create delivery programs designed to meet the PEMD skills gap challenge at scale.

Scarborough Atlas (Design the Green transition with Scarborough Museum and Art Gallery – Knowledge Transfer Partnership)

Scarborough Atlas (SA) is the development of an online mapping platform which links digital twins of artefacts at Scarborough Museum & Galleries to trails and stories about the places and artefacts that originate in the town and across the Jurassic coastline.

West Midlands Local Productivity Innovation Partnership

Coventry University are a project partner to phase 1 work which provides resource and support capacity across stakeholders to undertake partnership development and landscape evidence analysis required to design the phase 2 work programme.

City Change Through Culture: Securing the Place Legacy of Coventry City of Culture 2021

This place-based knowledge exchange project, led by Coventry University, was one of nine grants awarded as part of the AHRC’s wide place-based programme.

Own Art Gallery impact study

This commissioned rapid-response research focused on Own Art member galleries, a key segment of Creative United’s arts market activity.

Polish Émigrés in London

The project seeks to establish the ways in which Polish émigrés contributed to debates concerning empire and how race and racial identity shaped engagement with discussions of imperial issues.

Pilot of a teacher training intervention to deliver student-centred motor learning pedagogical approaches

This project is a pilot of a teacher training intervention to deliver student-centred motor learning pedagogical approaches and improve primary school children’s motor competence and motivation in physical education

'Strictly' Inclusive: Policy Brief

This project expands on the outcomes of the ‘Strictly’ Inclusive: Co-creating the Past, Present and Future project.

Beautiful places as contested spaces

Examining the potential effect of Welsh Governments new landscape management schemes on the economic, environmental and cultural activities and values of Cambrian Mountain Range residents and stakeholders.

Gothic Modern, 1870s-1920s — From Munch to Kollwitz

Gothic Modern, 1870s-1920s is the first in-depth study to explore the pivotal importance of late medieval Gothic art for the artistic modernisms of the late nineteenth and early twentieth-centuries.

UKRI GCRF South-South Migration, Inequality and Development Hub

The potential of South-South migration contributing to development and delivery of the SDGs is widely acknowledged but remains unrealised, largely due to existing inequalities at the global, national and local levels which determine who is (and is not) able to migrate.

Deprivation and Inequalities in Children's Services Interventions

The aim of this study was to examine the role of deprivation in explaining differences in key children’s services’ outcomes between and within local authorities (LAs).

Special Interest Group in Particulate Matter Filtration Flows in Automotive and Marine Applications

This Special Interest Group (part of the UK Fluids network) brings together industry, academia and policy makers to boost research in filtration flows in automotive and marine applications.

Payday futures: sub-prime credit markets in transition?

The project investigated the impact of the regulation of UK payday loans or High-Cost, Short-Term Credit (HCSTC) and how this is reshaping credit markets for borrowers.

The ‘Prosper’ programme – researching business support for cultural and creative organisations

The Prosper programme aims to strengthen the resilience and investment readiness of arts organisations, museums and libraries in England.