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Empowering older people and families in fall management: a usability study of the Fallcheck app

Centre for Intelligent Healthcare

Fallcheck is a web-app developed at Coventry University and enables a user to conduct a home-hazard assessment in their own, or a relative’s home. 

Conflict Transformations in the Middle East and Europe Current Projects

Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

The goal of CTMEE is to explore what types of conflict transformation mechanisms are being utilised in Turkey and Palestine, and how these mechanisms relate to conflict transformation in Western Europe.

Innovation in Tackling Food Waste Current Projects

Centre for Business in Society

This ESRC Festival of social science event, aimed to showcase new and innovative research strategies of tackling food waste and connect social innovators with the business community.

The British Council Coventry University Pharmacoeconomics Programme (BCCUPP) Current Projects

The aim of this development programme is to build upon the expertise, knowledge and skills of the pharmacy workforce in Egypt. In recent years, the economic evaluation of pharmaceutical technologies has become an important issue for many health care systems, worldwide. This collaboration will help transfer knowledge and skills from the team at Coventry University to academics working in Egypt and pharmacists in select Egyptian hospitals.

Managing the migration crisis? Undocumented migrants and refugees at Europe’s southern border Current Projects

Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

Over recent years, hundreds of thousands of people have crossed the Mediterranean to Italy as part of what has come to be known as Europe’s ‘migration crisis’. An intensification of controls on international population movements has taken place both at sea and after arrival. This project seeks to better understand what the impact of attempts by EU institutions and national governments to manage the crisis has been on migrants’ status and journeys. It serves to document the ongoing crisis through the experiences of newly arrived migrants and refugees.

Innovation to Support Those at Risk of Falling Current Projects

This project aimed to identify areas of good practice, service innovation and whole system thinking within falls prevention and response service delivery across the region, an in-depth case study approach was used where the researchers involved practitioners to capture this data, evaluate practice and highlight best practice service delivery. 

(En)gendering international protection? 'Refugee women', gender and the global politics of asylum Current Projects

Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

Working with partners in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, France, Turkey, South Africa and the UK, this research explores the extent and ways in which gendered experiences of forced migration are reflected in the laws, policy and practice of refugee-receiving countries

Maths Meets Myths: research from the statistical physics group at Coventry University

Maths Meets Myths is a new way of using statistical physics in connection with humanities. It helps us to trace commonalities and differences between characters in myths and legends across cultures, visualise networks to see nuances in organisations and social systems and empowers people to see which characters or relationships can have the greatest effect on others.

Invisible Difference Completed Projects

Centre for Dance Research

Invisible Difference brings together researchers from two different disciplines, dance and law and draws on concepts and methods from the arts and social sciences.

Plastic Litter Surveying on Coventry Canal Completed Projects

Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience

A survey of the Coventry canal to determine the extent and types of plastic pollution.

Through the Eyes of Children, Young People and Families: Evaluation of the Model of Care Delivered by WellChild Nurses Current Projects

This project carried out a longitudinal evaluation of the model of care delivered to children, young people and families with complex care needs by organisation WellChild.

COMODAL - Consumer Models for the Assisted Living Sector Current Projects

Centre for Business in Society

Analysing the electronic Assisted LivingTechnology (eALT) market potential and proposing new business models to take the market forward.

The HOPE Programme Current Projects

The HOPE programme has been designed to provide parents of children with ASD and ADHD with specialised support and training in coping skills.

Digital Dance Archives Completed Projects

Centre for Dance Research

This AHRC-funded project provided public access, via one web platform, to several distinct dance collections from the NRCD.

BIOCHAR Current Projects

Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience

BIOCHAR - Farmers, Growers and Gardeners 2015 Biochar Experiment.

SAFERUP! Current Projects

Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience

The basis for the project will be to co-create the next generation of urban pavements whilst improving the environmental performance and minimising negative environmental impacts. CAWR research will monitor and evaluate the environmental risk from the use of novel paving materials. This will be done by taking samples of the materials and analysing them for organic and inorganic contaminants such as metals and oil residues. The project will feed back into design processes to make the drainage system connected to the pavements, as chemically sustainable as possible, maximising the opportunity to detain urban pollutants and increase the potential for bioremediation and in-situ clean up.

The Automotive R&D Infrastructure in the UK Current Projects

Centre for Business in Society

Mapping UK automotive R&D infrastructure and capability against future technology roadmaps to support strategic investment.

Gyrodrive Original Equipment Development Current Projects

Institute for Future Transport & Cities

In this project, Coventry University has joined with GKN Hybrid Power, GKN AutoStructures, S&S Windings and Alexander Dennis Limited, to develop a Gyrodrive sytem solution that will be optimised for fitment to buses as original equipment.

PETALS 2 (FGM Webapp for professionals) Current Projects

Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

This project builds on an FGM information webapp that was successfully developed for young people by Coventry University.

National Action Plans on Women, Peace and Security Current Projects

Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

The Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR - Coventry University) and the Institute of British - Irish Studies (IBIS- University College Dublin), supported by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)'s Science for Peace and Security Programme, will convene a two–day expert Advanced Research Workshop entitled ‘National Action Plans (NAPs) on Women, Peace and Security’ at the National University of Ireland in Dublin, on 11 and 12 May 2016. 

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