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Collaborate to Train Current Projects

Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

Collaborate to Train is a three-year project that will engage with over 250 local small businesses and support them to increase their involvement in the education and workforce training system.

Special Interest Group in Particulate Matter Filtration Flows in Automotive and Marine Applications Current Projects

Institute for Future Transport & Cities

The group's focus is particulate matter filtration flows, in aftertreatment and other systems. With rapidly tightening emissions regulations for land and sea transport, this research area urgently needs a boost, which will be facilitated by bringing together industry and academia, as well as traditionally separated marine and automotive research communities.

Payday futures: sub-prime credit markets in transition? Current Projects

Centre for Business in Society

The project will investigate the impact of the regulation of High-Cost, Short-Term Credit (HCSTC) and how this is reshaping credit markets. Join the discussion on Twitter using #Paydayfutures

The ‘Prosper’ programme – researching business support for cultural and creative organisations Current Projects

Centre for Business in Society

The Prosper programme is a 15 month programme, launched in 2017, which aims to strengthen the resilience and investment readiness of arts organisations, museums and libraries in England. The programme plans to improve resilience by growing capacity the capacity of cultural organisations to attract new business, investment and audiences.

Austerity Retail in Britain Completed Projects

Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience

This project from the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR) aims to critically examine the emergence of what we call ‘austerity retail’ initiatives amidst rising food poverty in Britain. These include ‘social supermarkets’ and other forms of ‘community shop’ offering highly discounted products, and often making use of ‘surplus’ or ‘rejected’ foods which would otherwise be thrown away. We plan to use the findings from this project as a platform to explore a larger research project on austerity retail initiatives in the particular context of food poverty in Coventry.

PETALS 2 (FGM Webapp for professionals) Current Projects

Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

This project builds on an FGM information webapp that was successfully developed for young people by Coventry University.

The British Council Coventry University Pharmacoeconomics Programme (BCCUPP) Current Projects

The aim of this development programme is to build upon the expertise, knowledge and skills of the pharmacy workforce in Egypt. In recent years, the economic evaluation of pharmaceutical technologies has become an important issue for many health care systems, worldwide. This collaboration will help transfer knowledge and skills from the team at Coventry University to academics working in Egypt and pharmacists in select Egyptian hospitals.

National Action Plans on Women, Peace and Security Current Projects

Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

The Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR - Coventry University) and the Institute of British - Irish Studies (IBIS- University College Dublin), supported by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)'s Science for Peace and Security Programme, will convene a two–day expert Advanced Research Workshop entitled ‘National Action Plans (NAPs) on Women, Peace and Security’ at the National University of Ireland in Dublin, on 11 and 12 May 2016. 

Impact, acceptability and cost-effectiveness of identifying infectious diseases amongst migrants in primary care Current Projects

As part of a new strategy in Leicester, UK, people born overseas will be offered testing for certain infectious illnesses (tuberculosis, HIV and viral hepatitis) when they register with a GP in the city. We aim to find out whether offering early tests for these infectious illnesses in this way will result in GPs actually doing more tests and identifying more people with these infectious illnesses.

Breaking Bad: How transnational drug trafficking creates violent masculinities in local Caribbean communities in Port of Spain Current Projects

Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

To study the impact of transnational organised crime (TNOC) and drug-trafficking on poor urban communities in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. The city has seen crime and violence soar since the mid-1990s as the city became transhipment point in the illegal drugs trade. We address the impact of TNOC on vulnerable populations, culture and security by considering the ‘transnational-to-community’ impact of drug-trafficking.

From transnational crime to local insecurity Current Projects

This project considers how overarching transnational drug-trafficking comes to shape community level violence in Belize, where murder rates almost tripled in a decade from 17 per 100,000 in 2002, to 45 per 100,000 in 2012

Warwickshire Rural Electric Vehicles (WREV) trial Current Projects

Centre for Business in Society

The Warwickshire Rural Electric Vehicles (WREV) trial aims to encourage SMEs in rural Warwickshire to evaluate the possibility of switching to an Electric Vehicle (EV). The project provides an SME with a grant to support the lease of an EV for up to two-years. The trial raises awareness of how EV technology can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint, counter increasing petrol and diesel prices, and support business development.

FinCris: Responsibilities, Ethics and the Financial Crisis Current Projects

Centre for Business in Society

FinCris seeks to enlarge the public understanding of the financial crisis and the understanding among officials, regulatory and consumer bodies of the ethical issues raised by the crisis, specifically, how responsibilities for what has gone wrong create obligations to some of those badly affected by the crisis.

A Web-Based Cardiac REhabilitatioN Alternative for Those Declining or Dropping Out Of Conventional Rehabilitation: The WREN Feasibility Study Current Projects

The WREN Project will assess the feasibility of delivering a web-based cardiac rehabilitation intervention (ACTIVATEYOUR HEART) for those who decline or drop out from conventional supervised cardiac rehab. The feasibility trial will collect qualitative and quantitative data to inform the design of a definitive largescale multi-centre trial.

Evaluation of the Coventry GP Alliance: Best Care, Anywhere: Integrating Primary Care in Coventry Programme Current Projects

The aim of this project is to use a mixed method approach incorporating patient and public engagement to comprehensively evaluate across the three intervention sites.

Somatic Performance Practices: Sandra Reeve and Ecological Movement Completed Projects

Centre for Dance Research

Developing a UK case study on somatic practices in performance, whilst drawing out information on ‘context’ as an aspect of somatic practices in performance.

Innovation to Support Those at Risk of Falling Current Projects

This project aimed to identify areas of good practice, service innovation and whole system thinking within falls prevention and response service delivery across the region, an in-depth case study approach was used where the researchers involved practitioners to capture this data, evaluate practice and highlight best practice service delivery. 

An Evaluation of Bringing Hope's Second Chance Damascus Programme Current Projects

A project working with men in prison, some of whom have been convicted for a firearm offence, and also working with men in the community who have served time for a firearm related offence.

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