Enhancing Science and Innovation Capacity of Vietnam for Sustainable Development

Significant and meaningful solutions to real world problems requires researchers that have the necessary knowledge, skills, and innovation on a global level.

Characterising Neurological Disorders with Nonlinear System Identification and Network Analysis

With an increasingly ageing population, neurological disorders (ND), including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease (AD and PD), are becoming the second leading cause of death and the world's largest cause of disability-adjusted life years. Currently, incurable ND have a devastating impact on individuals, families and a heavy economic burden on societies.

Breaking the Time Barrier: Using AI to Map the Evolution of Legal Precedents

This research aims to fill two important research gaps: Dynamicity of law and reasons for citation.

Information geometric theory of neural information processing and disorder

This project aims to develop a new model-free information geometric theory of neural information processing for the practical purpose of improved disorder diagnosis by overcoming various current challenges.


Reducing the amount of instrument cabling on turbine engines is key to more efficient testing, and will enable reduced wiring weight and complexity on production engines in the future.

Virtual Reality for Augmenting Creativity and Effectiveness of School Training (VR-ACE)

A 3D virtual reality educational environment will be developed in this project, providing an innovative educational infrastructure.

GAP-E: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Researching Key Industry Gaps in AI and Ethics

Coventry University lead on 'GAP-E: transdisciplinary approaches to researching key industry gaps in AI and Ethics.'

Research Capacity Building Programme in Pakistan

A capacity building programme for researchers, reviewers and the institutional research management of Offices of Research, Innovation, & Commercialization (ORICs) in Pakistan.

Resilience Beyond Observed Capabilities - RBOC Network Plus

The RBOC (Resilience Beyond Observed Capabilities) Network Plus will create new knowledge, new capabilities and new opportunities for collaboration to help the UK prepare for security threats in the coming decades.

HEED Refugee

The Humanitarian Engineering and Energy for Displacement (HEED) project aims to increase the access of forcibly displaced people to affordable and sustainable energy.

PULP-SEED (Philippines UK coLlaborative Partnership-System for Environmental and Efficient Drying)

PULP-SEED’s aim is to make use of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology to improve and streamline mango waste processing.

Post-Earthquake Structural Health Monitoring System (PE-SMS)

This proposal aims to develop a Post-Earthquake Structural Health Monitoring System (PE-SMS). The PE-SMS will be an end-to-end proof of concept wireless sensor network for collection, communication and aggregation of structural health data.

CoPED: Catalogue of Projects on Energy Data

CoPED: Catalogue of Projects on Energy Data

Solar Energy Transitions (SET): Inclusive e-cooking in sub-Saharan Africa

This project aims to conduct an early-stage techno-economic feasibility study to arrive at a financially viable and sustainable solar home e-cooking system that can power a range of appliances.

STAR Energy: Sustainable and Replicable Off-grid Renewable Energy System for Riverside Communities in the Amazon

This institutional link designed, implemented and monitored a pilot low-carbon based energy solution with a sustainable business model to increase energy security, reduce environmental impact and improve economic and health indicators for one riverside community. 

DOMUS - Design OptiMisation for efficient electric vehicles based on a USer-centric approach

The DOMUS project aims to change radically the way in which vehicle passenger compartments and their respective comfort control systems are designed so as to optimise energy use and efficiency while keeping user comfort and safety needs central.

Unlocking the potential of sensors for our environment: A co-creation and writing retreat

Sensors and their data are key enablers of the digital transformation that is reimaging the way people connect with their surroundings, their community, and society at large.

Citizen Scientists Investigating Cookies and App GDPR compliance (CSI-COP)

CSI-COP involves citizen scientists to co-investigate the extent of online tracking through exploring cookies in websites and apps on mobile devices

Energy Revolution Research Consortium: EnergyREV

EnergyREV is focused on delivering (by 2022) investable and scalable local business models which use integrated approaches to deliver cleaner, cheaper, energy services for more prosperous and resilient communities.

Pushing Back the Doubly Exponential Wall of Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition (DEWCAD)

The DEWCAD project aims to produce a state of the art tool for solving problems of Quantifier Elimination or Satfiability over Non-Linear Real Arithmetic.