Understanding the role of prolactin on neuronal metabolism and its implications for gestation and lactation conditions

The pituitary lactogenic hormone prolactin (Prl) has well recognised physiological actions in humans and rodents in lactation and reproduction.

Allostery-driven G protein selectivity in the adenosine A1 receptor

The A1R is a high-value drug target but is linked to serious cardiovascular side effects because it activates multiple G proteins. 

Development of Bioleaching-based processes for the recovery of precious metals of processed waste from Superalloys

In partnership with AAS, Coventry University are developing innovative and sustainable bioleaching-based processes to recover critical metals from superalloy by-products at AAS. 

SE Recycling (SER) Bioleaching KTP project for metal recovery from EV batteries

This partnership with SE-Recycling is developing sustainable bioleaching-based processes to recycle metals from Lithium-based batteries. This sustainable technology delivers a solution that retains precious metals in UK industry, with wider economic benefits including skills development and job creation.