Work with us and our students

Work with us and our students

The Talent Team place high value on the skills and expertise of our local employers and our alumni network - and the contribution this makes in preparing our students for the world of work. We would love to hear from you to discuss our future partnership and how we can enable your engagement with our diverse student talent pipeline.

The programmes we have developed have changed the way the university is perceived today. We continue to make a real difference to the employability of our students and to the prosperity of local and national businesses. Find out more about how you can engage to benefit your current organisation, enhance your network and inspire the talent of the future.

  • Do you have a resource need that could be supported by a student or graduate? We can help transform your organisation’s talent strategy by enabling access to our diverse range of students who are ready for the world of work.

    We provide a free of charge recruitment service to companies – from start-ups to large corporates and global organisations. This includes supporting companies to source talent, select talent and hire skills that are right for their business. This could be in the form of a graduate opportunity or placement. Or it may be a micro-placement or consultancy project for a defined area of work. If budget constraints are an issue, we regularly have funding available to support SMEs in addition to opportunities to develop projects as part of a student’s course thus benefitting your company in a cost-effective way.

  • Are you looking to influence the skills of the future or discuss current skills challenges in your sector/region?

    We host regular networking sessions for industry professionals, alumni and academics whereby we discuss the world of work in relation to skills gaps and future course design. We currently run these within Coventry Business School and are seeking members to join a quarterly advisory panel to both network and share insights into the skills their organisations are seeking for the future.

  • Are you able to offer your time to support a Coventry student to grow in confidence and find their future pathway?

    We have launched a ground-breaking mentoring scheme at the university that pairs alumni and industry contacts with our students. Connecting online, students and mentors meet regularly throughout a defined period to share experiences and help grow confidence when applying for opportunities in the world of work. We are seeking mentors for our 2021-22 programme and would love to hear from you.

  • Coventry University works closely with companies across the UK and globally to promote a wide variety of placements to our students during study breaks.

    Work placements will usually last for 12 months as part of a traditional 4-year “sandwich” course degree (i.e. where the third year is spent in industry).

    Hiring an intern or placement student allows employers to:

    • Gain student input or technical expertise for a focused scope of work or ongoing project.
    • Gain a fresh perspective or creative ways of solving a problem from students studying a relevant degree.
    • Support succession planning for future graduate recruitment within your organisation.
    • Have access to a short term cost effective resource for a given period.

    Our students also benefit from:

    • Direct industry experience helping them to apply practical aspects to their learning.
    • Real-life work experience to enable them to prepare for the world of work.
    • Network and build contacts ready for graduate employment.
  • Do you have a great story to tell, or can you share insights into how you launched your career success story?

    The greatest stories we can share with our students are those that link to our alumni. You may have shared a similar pathway or experienced the same challenges, or you may have identified unique opportunities that you are keen to share with students studying the same course. Attending campus (or hosting a virtual event online) to share insights is a great way to influence student success and develop links for your future recruitment needs.

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For more information about how we work with businesses in supporting their growth and meeting their funding or recruiting needs, please get in touch. 

Our Talent Mentoring programme offers industry professionals an opportunity to help our students develop their career prospects and confidence.

The Talent Team run a number of programmes and initiatives that can reduce the cost of recruiting and help you find the right employee for your company.

Our recruitment services are bespoke and tailored to the needs of your company. To help you plan when best to target our students, check our student recruitment timeline.

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