Requests for certificates, diploma supplements, transcripts and results letters

If you completed your course from September 1992 onwards you may purchase documents, including certificates, diploma supplements. You may also request transcripts and exam results letters, by completing the form below. All documents will normally take around 10 days to produce but could take longer during busy periods. Note that if you have an outstanding debt to Coventry University you may not be eligible to receive these documents.

If you have any queries about ordering replacement documents please contact Academic Registry on

Some old browsers do not support this form. If you have any problems when being directed to pay and cannot update your browser, please click here and try again. If problems still persist please contact us here.

This form is only for documents from September 1992 onwards. For pre-1992 documents, please see the information below the form.

Please ensure you read all information before placing an order to ensure you are entitled to the document you are requesting as it is difficult for refunds to be processed.

If your results have recently been released to you and you are a final year student who has been awarded, or you have been awarded a fallback award, a results letter will automatically be sent out to you within 28 days free of charge.

You do not need to place an order for a results letter unless you want additional copies or previous year’s results letter. If you need this sooner then you can print your own results from SOLAR and take it to an Information Point, on campus, who can stamp it for you.

Please also note you cannot order a diploma supplement or replacement certificate until after your awards ceremony.

We are unable to provide certificates for pre-1992 awards given by Lanchester Polytechnic or Coventry Polytechnic. Certificates awarded before September 1992 fall into one of the following two categories:

  1. The Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) CNAA was the awarding body for many Coventry Polytechnic courses including most degree and PGCE courses. CNAA no longer exists but the Open University are now responsible for their records and can provide replacement certificates: see their website for more information.
  2. BTEC courses: you can obtain replacement certificate for pre-1992 BTEC awards (such as HND or HNC) from Edexcel/Pearson. For more information go to their website.

A few qualifications were awarded by bodies other than those mentioned above. If you require a transcript from a qualification awarded before 1992, Coventry University academic registry will assist you as far we are able from the records that are available to us. If you contact us we may be able to help you find the awarding body or provide a letter to verify your award.