General Regulations

The Regulations set out in this section and any further Regulation made with the approval of the Board of Governors and the Academic Board of Coventry University must be observed strictly. The Board of Governors and the Academic Board reserve the right to introduce new Regulations or amend the existing Regulations at any time.

Your undertaking to comply with them is a condition of your enrolment as a student of the University.

Coventry University students on franchised courses are bound in full by these Regulations when in attendance at the University. When in attendance at partner colleges, such students remain bound by these Regulations except in relation to section 2: Code of Conduct, when local campus regulations shall apply.

Questions arising on the interpretation of any statement in these Regulations shall be resolved by the Group Registrar and Secretary. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of the General Regulations and other information given to students, the General Regulations shall prevail.

Please ensure you use the correct version for your year of entry.

2021/2022 version: These Regulations apply to all students enrolled on a programme stage between August 2021 and July 2022.

2020/2021 version: These Regulations apply to all students enrolled on a programme stage between August 2020 and July 2021.

2019/20 version: These Regulations apply to all students enrolled on a programme stage between August 2019 and July 2020.

Each section is available to view as a PDF document.

General Regulations for 2019/20

Section 1: General Regulations

General Regulations 2020/21

Section 1: General Matters

This sections outlines the responsibilities of both students and the University during the period of study – namely the expectation that students will attend classes, take steps to notify the University of any absences, discharge their financial obligations to the University and maintain current contact information. It also covers the conditions for progression on a course and the ownership of intellectual property rights. This section also confirms those circumstances beyond the University’s reasonable control whereby the University shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform, any of the University Group’s obligations in relation to the provision of courses and related services.

Section 2: Code of Conduct

This section outlines the University’s expectations in how students will conduct themselves whilst undertaking a course at the University. This section also outlines the University’s responsibility and commitment in ensuring that the campus is a safe and positive space where everyone feels able to achieve their best.

Appendix 1: Examinations and other Assessments: Responsibilities of Students
Appendix 2: Health and Safety: Student Responsibilities
Appendix 3: Library Regulations
Appendix 4: Code of Conduct for use of ICT Facilities
Appendix 5: Freedom of Speech: Principles and Code of Practice
Appendix 6: Statement on Equality and Diversity
Appendix 7: Student Disciplinary Procedures
Appendix 8: Policy Statement on the Use of Calculators in Examinations
Appendix 9: Policy Statement on the Use of Dictionaries in Examinations
Appendix 10: Complaints Procedures  
Appendix 11: Students' Union Code of Practice
Appendix 12: Intellectual Property Rights Policy: Students
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