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Understanding the role of prolactin on neuronal metabolism and its implications for gestation and lactation conditions


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Value to Coventry University


Project Team

Isadora Clivatti Furigo

Project Duration

September 2023 to September 2024

Project Objectives

To investigate the effect of the pituitary lactogenic hormone prolactin (Prl) on neuronal metabolism and contribute to the knowledge of how this hormone regulates the central metabolic adaptations of pregnancy and lactation in the maternal brain in both lean and obesity conditions.

Impact Statement

Although Prlr are present in several brain areas that control metabolism, further investigation is required to understand Prl action in neurons to regulate metabolism.

A more comprehensive understanding on how prolactin regulates the neuronal metabolism in vitro could aid to the knowledge of the maternal metabolic adaptations triggered by pregnancy and lactation.

In the long-term, understanding prolactin’s effects on the brain may contribute to better predictions of prolactin induced metabolic alterations in obese and non-obese pregnant women. These predictions could enable prolactin levels to be used as a biomarker, resulting in earlier interventions and treatments to reduce metabolic alterations, improving maternal and offspring health.

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