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Dr. Alex Woolner

Senior Research Assistant| ab2524@coventry.ac.uk Contact for interactive technologies and games.

Ann Muirhead

Course Director/Senior Lecturer| ann.muirhead@coventry.ac.uk Course Director in International Fashion Business and Senior Lecturer in Fashion

Dr. James Shaw-Stewart

Senior Lecturer| james.shaw-stewart@coventry.ac.uk James completed his PhD at ETH Zurich (2008-2011), moving fields into materials science with a technological application, studying laser printing of OLEDs.

Erik Borg

Senior Lecturer   fe.borg@coventry.ac.uk Erik works with multimodal communication, having been involved in a seminar series leading to a book on digital dissertations and theses. He is currently studying MOOCs as a platform for teaching academic writing.

Ellen Hatch

Lecturer in Pharmacology|  ellen.hatch@coventry.ac.uk Ellen's research interests focus on the response of skin to ultraviolet radiation (UV) specifically the use of mitochondrial DNA as a biomarker of UV exposure, the role of mitochondria in UV-induced oxidative stress and the potential use of antioxidants to reduce damage.

Dr. Milagros Lopez-Pelaez Casellas

Senior Lecturer|  mila.lopez-pelaezcasellas@coventry.ac.uk Mila obtained her PhD in Chicano/Latin American Studies with a Minor in Humanities and Film Studies in Arizona State University (USA). She has taught at Arizona State University (USA) and at Mesa Community (USA) College where she was a Lecturer in Spanish (with Tenure).

Scott deLahunta

Professor in Dance, Centre for Dance Research

Mez Packer

Senior Lecturer Interactive Media, Visiting Lecturer Creative Writing |  m.packer@coventry.ac.uk Mez Packer has worked as a media professional for more than twenty years. She has been a magazine editor, a director of an arts organisation and run an Internet design business.

Professor Bruce Baker

+44 (0) 24 7679 5637| bruce.baker@coventry.ac.uk Contact for African policing, African security, justice reform.

Professor Gill Furze

Professor of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation| gill.furze@coventry.ac.uk She is currently part of the Centre for Technology Enabled Health Research (CTEHR) at Coventry University. She worked for many years in cardiac nursing and in medical rehabilitation in hospitals across the UK before moving into research in 1996.

Faiyaz Doctor

+44 (0) 24 7765 8366| faiyaz.doctor@coventry.ac.uk Contact for computational intelligence, ambient, user centred environments, pervasive systems, intelligent systems.

Dr. Rose Narooz

Research Associate|  rose.narooz@coventry.ac.uk Rose Narooz is a Postdoctoral researcher at Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR) at Coventry University. Before joining Coventry University, Rose worked at Aston and Birmingham Universities as visiting lecturer.

Katrine Wallis

Lecturer in Biomolecular Sciences| katrine.wallis@coventry.ac.uk Katrine obtained my Ph.D. at University of Copenhagen having worked with Professor Welinder on the catalytic mechanisms of plant peroxidises.

Dr. Luis Sañudo-Fontaneda

Research Fellow and Agroecological and Water Systems Engineer |  ab3221@coventry.ac.uk Luis moved to Coventry University in 2014 and joined the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR) where he is currently developing his activity as a Researcher in Civil Engineering and Water Management.

Rebecca Jenks

+44 (0) 24 7688 7859| r.jenks@coventry.ac.uk Contact for substance abuse, drugs, violence and interpersonal aggression and interpersonal aggression.

Dr. Alexander Kazamias

+44 (0) 24 7788 7688| a.kazamias@coventry.ac.uk Contact for politics and history of modern greece, politics and history of modern egypt, critical theory of international relations.

Professor Sally Singh

Professor of Pulmonary & Cardiac Rehabilitation |  s.singh@coventry.ac.uk Professor Sally Singh is based at Coventry University, in the School of Physiotherapy (Faculty of Health and Life Sciences) and at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. She contributed to the Cochrane Review of exercise-based rehabilitation for heart failure.

Dr. Carol Rank

Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations| c.rank@coventry.ac.uk Contact for: conflict transformation, non-violence, peace education, arts and peacebuilding.

Heather Parker

Project Manager, Neighbourhood University| heather.parker@coventry.ac.uk Between 2005-2012 Heather founded and managed a community bridge-building voluntary organisation in inner city Coventry.

Professor Denise Skinner

Executive Dean of Business, Environment and So and Professor of Human Resources Management | d.skinner@coventry.ac.uk Contact for organisational trust and human resources management