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Dr. Kamil Omoteso

Contact for corporate accountability, corporate governance | Email: kamil.omoteso@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 24 7688 8473 

Abay Mulatu

Contact for Environmental regulation, industry and competitiveness | Email: ac2226@coventry.ac.uk

Adeyemi Thomas Kayode

Contact for the Influence of IFRS adoption on earnings management | Email: adeyemit@coventry.ac.uk

Adrian Evans

Contact for engaging citizens around food and farming issues, theories of consumption practices, food and communities | Email: adrian.evans@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 24 7765 1620

Adrian Palka

Assistant Professor in Performing Arts adrian.palka@coventry.ac.uk
Adrian has experience at national and international level in research, performance, practice as research, arts/event management and fund-raising.

Ammar Al Bazi

Contact for simulation modelling, artificial intelligence, optimisation, business computing and applied statistics | Email: aa8535@coventry.ac.uk

Ashley Robertson

Contact for pervasive child development, autistic disorder, anxiety, aspergers and meta-analysis | Email: ac6765@coventry.ac.uk

Augustine Ifelebuegu

Contact for Environmental Remediation, Process Engineering Design, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Oil Spill Response and Clean-up, Process Safety and Loss Prevention; Business Process Re-engineering, Oil and Gas Reservoir Management and EOR, Oil and Gas Strategic Business Management and Oil and Gas Project Management and Economics | Email: aa5876@coventry.ac.uk

Brandon Lee Ballard

Email: ballardb@uni.coventry.ac.uk

Caroline Wilson

Contact for research in communication and students |  Email: ab5868@coventry.ac.uk

Cathryn Thompson-Goodwin

Contact for creativity and culture | Email: ab3264@coventry.ac.uk

Chigozile Nnamdi Chuku

Contact for non-oil export in the economic growth of Nigeria from 1970-2016: A vector autoregressive analysis | Email: chukuc@coventry.ac.uk

Christine Broughan

Contact for student experience, workplace well-being, equality and diversity, teaching and learning in Higher Education | Email: hsx235@coventry.ac.uk

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