Dr. Kamil Omoteso

+44 (0) 24 7688 8473| kamil.omoteso@coventry.ac.uk Contact for corporate accountability, corporate governance.

Rachid Anane

Contact for adaptive systems, learning technologies | Email: r.anane@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 24 7688 7761

Dr. Rahat Iqbal

Contact for human-centred technology | Email: r.iqbal@coventry.ac.uk

Ellen Hatch

Lecturer in Pharmacology|  ellen.hatch@coventry.ac.uk Ellen's research interests focus on the response of skin to ultraviolet radiation (UV) specifically the use of mitochondrial DNA as a biomarker

Chas Morrison

Contact for conflict transformation, civil society and faith in peacebuilding | Email: chas.morrison@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 24 7765 9066

Dr. Sheena Gardner

Contact for genre analysis, systemic functional linguistics, corpus linguistics, english for academic purposes and educational linguistics | Email: sheena.gardner@coventry.ac.uk

Dr. Martin Wilkes

Contact for hydroecology, echohydraulics, hydrometry and water quality monitoring, fish aquatic invertebrate and plant biology, taxonomy and ecology | Email: ab9323@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0)

Dr. Milagros Lopez-Pelaez Casellas

Senior Lecturer|  mila.lopez-pelaezcasellas@coventry.ac.uk Mila obtained her PhD in Chicano/Latin American Studies with a Minor in Humanities and Film Studies in Arizona State University (USA). She

Professor Harris Beider

Contact for Race. identity and community engagement | Email: Harris.Beider@coventry.ac.uk 

Dr. Alexander Thomson

Contact for peace and reconcilliation, peacebuilding, conflict resolution, conflict transformation, transitional justice, apartheid | Email: a.thomson@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 24 7688 8200

Dr. Ulrich Schmutz

Contact for agroecology, ecological economics, organic horticulture, agriculture | Email: ulrich.schmutz@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 24 7630 8212

Scott deLahunta

Associate Professor in Dance| scottdelahunta@coventry.ac.uk Scott works in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in the School of Media and Performing Arts.

Niall Smyth

Contact for fatigue and fracture analysis, finite element analysis, residual stress, advanced materials, structural integrity and failure | Email: niall.smyth@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 24 7765

Mez Packer

Senior Lecturer Interactive Media, Visiting Lecturer Creative Writing |  m.packer@coventry.ac.uk Mez Packer has worked as a media professional for more than twenty years. She has been a magazine

Adam Collis

Contact for computer music and sound art | Email: aa3241@coventry.ac.uk

Dr. Chris Pringle

Contact for fluid dynamics, stability and transition to turbulence | Email: chris.pringle@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 24776 59247

Dr. Julia Wright

Contact for: Cuban farming and food systems, Eco-psychology, green ecology and traditional knowledge systems, Regenerative agriculture and permaculture, Agriculture and human nutrition, Quantum/5th

Colin Anderson

Contact for food, agriculture, diverse economies and social movements | Email: ab7359@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 24 7765 1619

Camelia Dijkstra

Associate Director for the Biomolecular Applied Research Group| c.dijkstra@coventry.ac.uk Contact for biomolecular applied research group.

Professor Ala Szczepura

Contact for health services research | Email: ala.szczepura@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 24 7679 5821