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RISING Mexico Event

A workshop to explore what needs to be done, in the light of mass-migration across central America, to restore peaceful communities – with policymakers, academics and practitioners.

Chemical analysis and bioaccumulation of ‘forever chemicals’ in aquatic organisms Studentships

Perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS are a group of man-made chemicals that are manufactured and used in a variety of industries around the world (e.g. textiles, household products, food processing, construction, electronics).

Design and analysis of an algorithm-free quantum computing model Studentships

In this project, a completely different model of computing will be investigated to replace the sequential paradigm of algorithms with inherent parallelism of physical processes that enforce a system to tend to its equilibrium state (for higher entropy).

Understanding the effects of model structure in modelling HIV interventions Studentships

This research will use some of the current HIV biomedical interventions to explore the effects of different modelling frameworks on the model’s mathematical properties and prediction capabilities.

Novel wireless Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol design using a machine learning approach Studentships

This project will investigate and seek to innovate a novel collaborative cognitive radio approach between a multi-learning intelligent agent system.

Co-developing and applying a Social Impact Toolkit for Community Food Businesses in the UK Event

Since 2016 CAWR has collaborated with The Real Farming Trust to explore the social impact of community-scale, agroecological food provisioning systems. This has culminated in the co-creation and application of a Social Impact Toolkit for Community Food Businesses in the UK.

The Practicalities of Decolonisation: Beyond Rhetoric Event

In this presentation, Professor Parvati Raghuram and Dr Melis Cin explore the challenges of decolonisation within education sectors in a variety of contexts.

Improving the Online Teaching of STEM Educators in Higher Education through Knowledge Mining from Pedagogy Literature Studentships

The Centre for Data Science is inviting applications from suitably-qualified graduates for a self-funded full-time PhD studentship.

Why connected directors earn superior returns? Evidence from director trading Event

This event is part of the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity seminar series

Regulating consumer credit in the 2020s Event

This event is part of the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity seminar series

#WCCWiki project aims to improve visibility of women on Wikipedia News

Dr Victoria Leonard, a researcher from Coventry University’s Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities (CAMC), is leading the #WCCWiki project, which is working to increase the representation of influential female figures on Wikipedia.

Researchers design new citizen science project to study the impact of air quality on honey bees News

A pilot study by Coventry University’s Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR), supported by the British Bee Keepers Association (BBKA), will work with beekeepers across the Midlands to explore the possible impacts of air pollution on honey bee health.

MCDDM Lecture: Who cares about Big Data? And is it useful for making Big Decisions? Event

Professor Maureen Meadows and Dr Alessandro Merendino will present the Midlands Centre for Data Driven Metrology's March Lecture, discussing how to use big data to make big decisions.

JOVITAL Final Online Workshop Event

The JOVITAL final online workshop aims at presenting the project results and impact, in order to facilitate the adoption of the JOVITAL approach within other universities in Jordan and other South Mediterranean countries.

Virtual Reality for Augmenting Creativity and Effectiveness of School Training (VR-ACE) Project

A 3D virtual reality educational environment will be developed in this project, providing an innovative educational infrastructure.

Index Modulation using Reversed Source Coding Techniques Studentships

The Research Centre for Data Science (CDS) is offering a self-funded PhD opportunity titled 'Index Modulation using Reversed Source Coding Techniques'.

Preventing a debt crisis Event

This event is part of the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity seminar series and will discuss external debt vulnerability in emerging markets and developing economies during the Covid-19 shock.

Practice Research: Interdisciplinary Methodologies in Cultural and Higher Education Institutions Event

This research event brings together international practitioners and researchers in the field of practice research to explore and discuss the challenges and opportunities in developing new methodologies in research-led practices and in collaborations with the cultural sector.

Seminar: using energy technologies to alleviate poverty in Nepal Event

Drawing on a number of the speaker's research experiences in Nepal, this seminar will present a novel end-user orientated approach to better integrate complex contextual factors which are often the barriers to energy technology adoption and sustained use.

Distributive Justice and Macroeconomics Event

This event is part of the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity's public seminar series.