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Coventry University Group selected as the first training provider for new technical skills programme in South Essex

Coventry University has joined forces with Ford Motor Company, London Southend Airport, DP World, and the Association of South Essex Local Authorities (ASELA) to deliver high quality education and training solutions.

Coventry University extends strategic relationship with UK tech SME

Coventry University has signed a two-year collaboration agreement with UK innovation tech company Whitespace Global Ltd following two successful ventures.

Coventry University Group launches research institute in Europe as part of global growth plans

Coventry University Group is launching the new Coventry University Research Institute Europe (CURIE), with the ambition of broadening the scope of its campus in Poland to undertake challenge-led research.

Progression of Accessibility Centres in higher Education for Students with disabilities in North Africa (PACES)

The aim of this project is to develop socioeconomic growth by modernising Higher Education and making it more accessible to students with special needs, thereby enabling Students with Disabilities to enter the workforce and become independent.


A workshop to explore what needs to be done, in the light of mass-migration across central America, to restore peaceful communities – with policymakers, academics and practitioners.

JOVITAL Final Online Workshop

The JOVITAL final online workshop aims at presenting the project results and impact, in order to facilitate the adoption of the JOVITAL approach within other universities in Jordan and other South Mediterranean countries.

#WCCWiki project aims to improve visibility of women on Wikipedia

Dr Victoria Leonard, a researcher from Coventry University’s Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities (CAMC), is leading the #WCCWiki project, which is working to increase the representation of influential female figures on Wikipedia.

Why connected directors earn superior returns? Evidence from director trading

This event is part of the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity seminar series

Regulating consumer credit in the 2020s

This event is part of the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity seminar series

Researchers design new citizen science project to study the impact of air quality on honey bees

A pilot study by Coventry University’s Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR), supported by the British Bee Keepers Association (BBKA), will work with beekeepers across the Midlands to explore the possible impacts of air pollution on honey bee health.

Escape Racism - toolbox to promote inclusive communities

The project “Escape Racism – Toolbox to promote inclusive communities” has the main aim of building inclusive societies where young people are promoting the respect of human rights, combating racism and discrimination and acting as multipliers for their peers.

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles MTI Seminar

CCAAR's Dr Huw Davies will be discussing the impact of regulation on the development of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology in the next in a series of free online industry seminars from the MIRA Technology Institute.

Seminar: using energy technologies to alleviate poverty in Nepal

Drawing on a number of the speaker's research experiences in Nepal, this seminar will present a novel end-user orientated approach to better integrate complex contextual factors which are often the barriers to energy technology adoption and sustained use.

Understanding(s) of Coventry UK City of Culture 2021

As part of the CBiS public seminar series, this session offers two perspectives on the relationships between the city and creativity in order to broaden understandings of the City of Culture designation.

FOOdIVERSE - Diversifying sustainable and organic food systems

The FOOdIVERSE project aims to produce practice-oriented knowledge on how diversity in diets, novel food supply chains and food governance contributes to more organic and sustainable food systems.

Addressing GPCR conformational flexibility

The large G protein coupled receptor (GPCR) family is a highly interesting target for drug design because a large proportion of current drugs bind to its members, and because the family offers much potential to exploit new targets.

The importance of mathematics and statistics support as evidenced in institutionally-written regulatory documents

Professor Duncan Lawson, MBE will be presenting a seminar as part of the Centre for Global Learning’s seminar series on the importance of mathematics and statistics support as evidenced in institutionally-written regulatory documents.

AccessCULT - Innovative Higher Education teaching contents for achieving sustainable ACCESSibility of CULTural heritage for ALL

AccessCULT seeks to improve the accessibility of cultural heritage across Europe through the exchange of good practice. The project will develop, implement, test, and promote innovative multidisciplinary, learning content targeted at students as future experts, and existing cultural workers.

GDPR in higher education (HE) sector in the UK

This event is part of the CFCI public seminar series

Research project aims to improve justice for sexual violence survivors during Covid-19

A new project led by Coventry and Lancaster Universities will explore the impact of Covid-19 on the experiences of sexual violence survivors as their cases go through the criminal justice system (CJS).