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Variability and Self-Organisation in Stellar Evolution Project

Ever improving observational technologies have enabled access to the complex and rich dynamics of solar/stellar surface phenomena on a broader range of time/length scales, revealing new features that cannot be explained by existing theories. 

Senior CBiS researcher co-authors ground-breaking new book News

Oxford University Press has published Strategy: Theory, Practice, Implementation, a new book co-authored by Maureen Meadows, a Professor of Strategic Management within the Centre for Business in Society (CBiS).

Interactive Dialogues: Ethics and Equity in Practice Research - Dance and Theatre Project

The necessity to engage in a dialogue around the issues of Ethics and Equity in Dance and Theatre have been identified in the field of artistic practice and in the academic sector of Practice Research. This project is directed to PGRs, artists and ECRs.

Cooking Connections Coventry: Home-based Sensory Food Experiences for Wellbeing Project

Connections Coventry explores how creative food-based sensory activities can support wellbeing for older people in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flatten the Curve, Grow the Care: Looking Beyond the Pandemic News

Researchers from Coventry University’s Centre for Postdigital Cultures (CPC) have worked with a number of collective care, mutual aid and solidarity initiatives to support communities across the globe during, and beyond, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experimental studies on improvement of efficiency of aluminium reduction cells Project

This project targets one of the issues occurring during the production of primary Aluminium.

Reimagining the Book Stand: Virtual Platforms for Academic Publications News

Researchers from the Centre for Postdigital Cultures (CPC) at Coventry University are reimagining the book stand to highlight the possibilities of open access publishing during the pandemic.

EventRights Project

Addressing inequality, enhancing diversity and facilitating greater dialogue in the hosting of sporting mega events.’

A study examining the Drug, Alcohol & Recovery Team and the Drug Recovery Wing at HMP Rye Hill Project

The report presents key findings from a prison-based study examining the role of a Drug, Alcohol and Recovery team and a Drug Recovery Wing at category B prison.

Evaluation of City of Culture Transforming Leadership Programme Project

Working within evaluation design principles and a methodology which aligns with the City of Culture Trust’s strategic approach, and to the outcome-led / partner-driven model deployed across the city.

Critical Pedagogies Project

Critical Pedagogies explores questions around alternative modes of education and how we learn and produce knowledge collectively. The research strand aimed to engage with the current scenarios in education and investigate the educational role of cultural organisations.


This project brings together Coventry University expertise in Material Science and Design to develop products that embed innovative smart textiles in order to support healthy ageing and independent living.

Multiphase Flow Metrology in Oil & Gas Production (MULTIFLOWMET II) Project

Multiphase flow measurement is a fundamental enabling metrology in subsea oil and gas production. However, field measurements exhibit high measurement uncertainty, costing industry billions of euros in financial exposure and production inefficiencies.

Minorities on Campus: Discrimination, Equality, and Politics of Nationalism in Indian HE Project

This research network, at its very heart, is conceptualised as a response to students' activism for equality and rights. In doing so we address issues around sustained inequality and discrimination as experienced by minorities and women on Indian campuses.

Sustainable cut-flowers project Project

Between 2015 and 2019 Dr. David Bek and Dr. Jill Timms managed externally funded projects examining different facets of sustainability within the global cut-flower industry.

The Better Place Index Project

The Better Place Index (BPI) is a global measure for peace, prosperity and sustainability. It also identifies if governments do a good job.

VIRTEU: Vat fraud: Interdisciplinary Research on Tax crimes in the European Union (Grant Agreement no: 878619) Project

Exploring the interconnections between tax crimes and corruption

Economic, Political and Security aspects of sanctions and blockades from a Target Country Perspective: Policy Lessons for Qatar and other Target Countries. Project

Evaluating the economic, social and political aspects of economic sanctions in targeted countries and deliver a comprehensive set of policy guidelines enabling policymakers.

Urban Village: The Roma's Allotment Project Project

Urban Villages aims to bring together Roma and non-Roma to co-create a short film, images and a digital scrapbook exhibition that focuses on the experiences, identity and voices of the Roma people told by the Roma people.