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RISING Mexico Event

A workshop to explore what needs to be done, in the light of mass-migration across central America, to restore peaceful communities – with policymakers, academics and practitioners.

Design and analysis of an algorithm-free quantum computing model Studentships

In this project, a completely different model of computing will be investigated to replace the sequential paradigm of algorithms with inherent parallelism of physical processes that enforce a system

Chemical analysis and bioaccumulation of ‘forever chemicals’ in aquatic organisms Studentships

Perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS are a group of man-made chemicals that are manufactured and used in a variety of industries around the world (e.g. textiles, household products, food processing,

Understanding the effects of model structure in modelling HIV interventions Studentships

This research will use some of the current HIV biomedical interventions to explore the effects of different modelling frameworks on the model’s mathematical properties and prediction capabilities.

Measuring, Understanding and Improving Engagement in Programming Teaching Studentships

The Centre for Data Science is offering a project applying Data Science Technology to better understand and improve the teaching of programming.

Novel wireless Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol design using a machine learning approach Studentships

This project will investigate and seek to innovate a novel collaborative cognitive radio approach between a multi-learning intelligent agent system.

Ownership of information during pandemics (COVID 19) Event

This public event is part of the CFCI seminar series.

Investigating stakeholder perspectives on the role of the semi-wild pony in maintaining biodiversity and agricultural sustainability in the uplands of Wales Project

The mountains, hills and valleys of Wales play a central role in the culture, recreation, economy and environment of the Welsh nation and yet they are declining. The semi-wild (or semi-feral pony) is

Interpreting Neural Network Outputs Webinar Event

This webinar by the Centre for Data Science will discuss why a neural network might mistake what clearly looks like a panda for a gibbon and other questions pertinent to interpreting neural network

Optimum Design of a Low-Cost High-Endurance Adjustable and Expandable Transtibial Passive-Foot Prosthetic Studentships

The proposed project targets the unmet need of a low-cost, expandable and adjustable transtibial (Below-the-Knee) prosthetic.

Sodium-ion Capacitors for High Power Energy Storage Studentships

Coventry University (CU) is inviting applications from suitably-qualified graduates for a fully-funded PhD studentship in partnership with Deakin University in high power Na-ion capacitors for next

From Indonesia to the UK: The sustainability risks of the coffee supply chain Event

This event is part of the Centre for Business in Society's public seminar series.

Sustainable cultivation modelling based on remotely sensed images for monitoring environmental consequences of climate change Studentships

The focus of this project is on utilisation of AI, satellite image analysis and other data to understand the spatio-temporal cultivation patterns and identify its driving environmental factors to

Coventry’s RISING Global Peace Forum goes virtual as a result of the latest COVID-19 lockdown News

Organisers of the internationally-recognised event, taking place from 11-13 November, have decided to move the whole event online in light of the Government’s new restrictions.

The role of ableism in the ability of the Paralympic Games legacy aims to contribute towards the goals of the GCRF and SDGs: The case of Tokyo 2020 Studentships

Coventry University (CU) is inviting applications from suitably-qualified graduates for a fully-funded PhD studentship

Skeletal Muscle and Liver Axis; what is the role of exercise in the reversal of metabolic associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD)? Studentships

The project will provide an opportunity to identify the underlying mechanisms of myokines, on hepatocyte metabolism in physiological and pathophysiological settings.

Optimisation of viral vaccine for established and emerging respiratory viruses including SARS-CoV-2 Studentships

This project aims to improve the efficiency of the production of viral vaccines, initially using influenza as a model then applying this knowledge to SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.

domestic | private | familial Event

A series dedicated to exploring how intimate spaces are shaped by postdigital media culture and our means of knowing and feeling the domestic, private and familial through social media, film,

Coventry University hosts first UK ‘Visualise Your Thesis’ Competition for Postgraduate Researchers News

Postgraduate candidates from across the university put together short videos to bring their PhD projects to life.

Coventry University researcher has submitted evidence to Parliament to help protect the UK from financial fraudsters during the COVID-19 recovery News

Dr Lorenzo Pasculli has submitted evidence to the House of Commons’ Treasury Committee to assess the Government’s response to COVID-19-related fraud risks and suggest more effective preventive