Unlocking the Potential of Sensors for our Environment

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Wednesday 17 April 2024

02:00 PM - 03:30 PM





Event details

This event marks the launch of the report: ‘Unlocking the Potential of Sensors for our Environment: A Call to Action from a NERC Writing Retreat’.

Funded by NERC Constructed for the Digital Environment, the report is a culmination of an intensive co-creation process and writing retreat that brought together experts in the field of environmental sensing to explore how to accelerate advancements in environmental sensing and sensor networks that acknowledge and respond to the interconnections between people, places, and ethics.

The ensuing call to action emerges as a foundational document aimed at guiding future funding calls, stimulating innovation, and advocating for interdisciplinary research approaches.

In providing space to discuss how to engage and promote advancements in sensor technologies that are responsibly integrated with the needs of both people and the environment, this event will serve as both a platform to unveil the report and a catalyst for implementing its recommendations within the UK and beyond.