University Professor awarded Fulbright Fellowship for extensive contributions to curatorial field

Carolina Rito, Professor of Creative Practice Research, Coventry University

Carolina Rito, Professor of Creative Practice Research, Coventry University

Monday 11 March 2024

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Professor Carolina Rito has been honoured with a Fulbright Fellowship in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the field of curatorial studies.

Curatorial studies are an academic field that focuses on the theory and practice of curating within a wide range of disciplines from art history and museum studies to cultural studies and contemporary art theory.

The Fulbright Fellowship, a flagship initiative of the United States (US) Government, is designed to foster international collaboration and research opportunities between US scholars and their global counterparts.

The programme’s competitive and prestigious status is underscored by its rigorous selection process, global recognition, distinguished alumni achievements and cultural diplomacy.

From January to June 2024, Professor Rito will assume the role of a visiting scholar at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York (NY).

Rito, Professor of Creative Practice Research at the Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities, conducts research into the intersection between knowledge production, the curatorial and contested historical narratives.

Under the mentorship of Dr Steven Henry Madoff, a distinguished researcher and writer specialising in curatorial studies and contemporary art, Professor Rito will bring her expertise to the institution.

She aims to develop a new research framework for curatorial studies through NY-based case studies, aiding universities in practice research programs, assisting funding bodies in curatorial research opportunities, and fostering innovative approaches in cultural sector research for cultural institutions.

Professor Rito will actively contribute to the Master of Arts (MA) in Curatorial Practices seminars chaired by Dr Madoff, fostering networking and collaborative projects between SVA and Coventry University.

This prestigious fellowship represents not only a personal achievement but also a profound acknowledgment of the potential impact of my research in the field of curatorial studies. It is an opportunity to immerse myself in a dynamic and diverse artistic ecosystem, where I can expand my knowledge, challenge my perspectives, and cultivate a deeper understanding of curatorial practices.

I am excited to bring this enhanced understanding back to the UK and contribute to enrich the academic community and global outreach of Coventry University.

Professor Carolina Rito, Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities, Coventry University

She intends to disseminate her work globally, reinforcing her position as a thought leader in curatorial studies. The culmination will be a monograph on curatorial research scheduled for publication in 2026.

Her dedication to advancing the field is evident in her continued work, building upon her existing role as a founding member of the Curatorial Studies Working Group of the European Artistic Research Network.

The impact of her research is anticipated to resonate internationally, influencing scholars and practitioners in the US art scene and beyond.

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