The ASSURED CAV (Parking) project’s purpose is to create a bespoke and realistic, controlled set of parking environments to test and support the development of current and future connected and


Investigating the feasibility of building a connected autonomous vehicles (CAV) simulation platform that enables plugging in external heterogeneous components.


This project brings together Coventry University expertise in Material Science and Design to develop products that embed innovative smart textiles in order to support healthy ageing and independent

Optimisable system-level thermal models for power electronic converters

This project is focused on the design of reliable yet efficient thermal models underpinning an optimal design framework for power electronic converters. Due to the high number of times these models

Gyrodrive Original Equipment Development

In this project, Coventry University has joined with GKN Hybrid Power, GKN AutoStructures, S&S Windings and Alexander Dennis Limited, to develop a Gyrodrive sytem solution that will be optimised for

KTP with NPL

To develop a novel process to deposit and attach silver nanoparticles on to fibres enabling the selective metallisation of fabrics.

Ultrasonically Enabled Low Temperature Immersion and Electroless Metallisation (ULTIEMet)

Reducing the temperatures and process times of electroless and immersion plating processes using ultrasound.


METRIC maps regional transport innovation capacity and identifies the competitive advantage of regions. 


METPEX is a research project funded in the context of the 7th Framework Programme of the EU, aiming to develop and evaluate a standardised tool to measure passenger experience across whole journeys.

Preventing Motion Sickness in Automated Vehicles

The overall aim of this JIP accordingly is to avoid or minimise the occurrence of motion sickness in automated vehicles. The project aims at realising this by explicating the underlying causes of

UK Connected Intelligent Transport Environment (UK CITE)

The overall project aim is to create one of the world’s most advanced environments for connected and autonomous driving.

Future Flight Deck Project

Developing new pilot-centred interface technologies to improve situation awareness, decision making and improve the availability of aircraft in adverse weather. 


ERGO WORK is a collaboration of academic and business organisations in 6 countries, to understand the barriers that disabled people face in the EU workplace and to tackle some of these through

Flood Ultra-cognitive Dendrite (FLUD)

The main aim of FLUD is to develop an intelligent and cost-effective automatic monitoring, and forecasting platform for flooding in urban environments.

Healthy Gardeners

Biomechanical software has been developed at Coventry University which has the capability of analysing musculoskeletal systems.

Work Buddy: Supporting people with learning difficulties learn and recall new tasks

Work Buddy is an android-based app that seeks to support people with learning disabilities to learn and recall new, or infrequently performed tasks, at home, when travelling and in the workplace.


WheelSense is a portable, easy to use, simple approach to measuring the stability and centre of gravity of wheelchair systems.

Midlands Future Mobility

IFTC’s role in MFM supports future CAV testbed trials by developing guidance and case studies to assist users with test definition and planning.


Creation of a world class Connected and Autonomous Vehicle testing facility. Purpose built realistic, safe environment for testing CAVs up to the limit of their operability

Evaluating Cyber Security Evidence for Policy Advice: The Other Human Dimension (ECSEPA)

This project focuses on policy makers in the UK, specifically those civil servants who provide short and long term policy advice, either in response to specific crisis incidents or in the context of