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Vector illustration of a smart car parking autonomously



Innovate UK

Value to Coventry University


Project team

Dr Olivier Haas (PI), Dr Stratis Kanarachos (PI), Dr Jesper Christensen (Co-I), Dr Sujan Rajbhandari (Co-I), Manuel Silverio Fernandez, Sheng Wang, Vahid Kouh Daragh, Dr Nadjim Horri, Hafiz Ahmed, Mathias Foo, Dr Shohel Amin


HORIBA MIRA (Lead), Meridian, CAV Testbed UK

Duration of project

01/03/2019 - 28/02/2021

Centre for Connected Autonomous Automotive Research

Horiba Mira

Project overview

The ASSURED CAV (Connected and Autonomous Vehicle) Parking project has created physical assets and simulation environments to enable the testing of automated vehicles in a urban environment including junction, roundabouts, signalised intersection, on street parking, open air car parking and multi storey car park with a range of parking bay orientation and geometry.

Coventry University focused on the simulation environment. The latter comprises:

  • The mapped environment: roads, intersections, cycle lane, on street parking, open air car park, and a multi storey car park.
  • Actors (other road users e.g. bicycle, vehicles, pedestrians, animals) and street furnitures (e.g. traffic lights, road signs)
  • Ego vehicle with focus on autonomous vehicle path planning, steering, acceleration and braking control systems design.
  • A web interface to select a set of use scenarios and actors or design new use scenarios.

Project objectives

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) will bring huge benefits to society by improving safety, efficiency and convenience of the road transport network.

ASSURED CAV Parking aims to create a bespoke and realistic, controlled set of parking environments on the HORIBA MIRA campus to test and support the development of current and future connected and automated parking solutions.

ASSURED CAV Parking will be flexible, allowing increasing complexity of use cases for parking scenarios. The facility will be supported by a ‘digital twin’ so users can create and run parking scenarios using simulation techniques in the virtual world. The facility will ensure these CAV technologies are safe and secure, ensuring consumer confidence in the resultant products.

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