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BIOCHAR - Farmers, Growers and Gardeners 2015 Biochar Experiment.

Civic Epistemologies

The Civic Epistemologies project is about the participation of citizens in research on cultural heritage and humanities.

Digital Dance Archives

This AHRC-funded project provided public access, via one web platform, to several distinct dance collections from the NRCD.

Live Archive: Revisiting Dublin Contemporary Dance Theatre Archives

This project revisits and develops sections from ‘Lunar Parables', choreographed by Sara and Jerry Pearson.

The Library of Processes

This project investigates the various ways in which artists document reflections and experiences of working within an artist venue.

Motion Bank

The main focus of this project is the creation of online digital scores, to be made publicly available via the Motion Bank website.

The HOPE Programme

The HOPE programme has been designed to provide parents of children with ASD and ADHD with specialised support and training in coping skills.

How can siblings of children with a life-threatening or a life-limiting genetic condition be best supported?

Previous research has tended to focus on the effects of childhood diagnosis on mothers, but this study will aim to increase professional’s understanding the experiences of the whole family, including other siblings. 

TfSL Evaluation of Transition Taskforce

Funded by the Department of Health, the project will evaluate the National Transition Taskforce, to explore transition services for young adults with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

Through the eyes of children, young people and families - Evaluation of the model of care delivered by WellChild Nurses

This project carried out a longitudinal evaluation of the model of care delivered to children, young people and families with complex care needs by organisation WellChild.

Young People and Smoking Project

The purpose of this study is to collect questionnaire data and conduct focus groups with young people in Warwickshire to better understand their views and beliefs regarding smoking, stop smoking services and e-cigarettes.

COMODAL - Consumer Models for the Assisted Living Sector

Analysing the electronic Assisted LivingTechnology (eALT) market potential and proposing new business models to take the market forward.

MASELTOV - Mobile Assistance for the Social Inclusion and Empowerment of Immigrants with Persuasive Learning Technologies and Social Network Services

MASELTOV - Mobile Assistance for the Social Inclusion and Empowerment of Immigrants with Persuasive Learning Technologies and Social Network Services.

METPEX: A MEasurement Tool to determine the quality of the Passenger EXperience

METPEX is a research project funded in the context of the 7th Framework Programme of the EU, aiming to develop and evaluate a standardised tool to measure passenger experience across whole journeys.

PEGASO: Personalised Guidance Services for Optimising Lifestyle in Teenagers

Challenging teenagers in their own fields and areas of interest, PEGASO aims at promoting a sustainable change towards healthy lifestyles, with a holistic and multidisciplinary approach.

Sensory and Motor Difficulties in Autism Spectrum Conditions

This project aims to explore how sensory and motor skills impact wider social skills in those with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC).


The SILTFLUX project aims to unravel pollution challenges for a set of Irish rivers.

An economic impact tool for the community finance industry

The aim of this project is to create a (very) easy to use methodology and tool for the community development sector that allows a consistent, robust and real time ability to report the value of the economic impacts of community finance lending.

Emotion processing and intervention in Autism Spectrum Conditions

This project aims to develop new innovative methods to explore how those with autism process emotions in realistic social situations, as well as new evidence based interventions to improve emotion processing skills in people with autism.

Essential features of serious games design: A critical review and game pedagogic planner

This study aims to provide guidance on design of serious games that reflects the principles underpinning learning design.