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Exploring Understanding of Sexual Consent Amongst Young People

The overall aim of this research was to explore young people’s views on sexual consent, investigating how contexts affect the understanding and ability to consent, and beginning to explore the influence of social differences on attitudes towards consent.

Faith Based Conflict Prevention

The aim of this project is to understand the role of churches and other faith groups in helping to spot early signs of violence and to stop it from happening. Examples in Nigeria and the Solomon Islands will be observed. 

Fundamental Movement Skills, Physical Activity and Obesity in British Children

This project aims to understand how early development of fundamental movement skills might impact on physical activity and body fatness in British children.

Changing Attitudes Towards Dating Violence in Adolescents (CAVA)

The CAVA project focused on Changing Attitudes to Dating and Violence in Adolescents through the use of an immersive and engaging video game designed to appeal to young people.

Morphological processing in children with phonological difficulties: The Coventry and Warwick morphology and phonology project

Children who struggle with processing speech sounds (phonology) are also likely to have difficulties in reading and writing. This project investigates how much children use information about the internal structure of words (morphology) to compensate for these difficulties.

Deprivation and Inequalities in Children's Services Interventions

The aim of this study was to examine the role of deprivation in explaining differences in key children’s services’ outcomes between and within local authorities (LAs).


The MyCoventry project is an initiative that supports Coventry as a ‘City of Peace and Reconciliation’, by welcoming non-EU and EEA National newcomers and giving them the opportunity to make a meaningful and positive contribution to the community.

Dialogue Moves: Embodying Diversity through Amerta Movement in Indonesia

This fellowship investigates how Amerta Movement practice supports dialogue between diverse ethnic and religious communities in Indonesia. This is especially important in a country where ‘unity in diversity’ is the national motto.

Understanding and Addressing Asylum Seekers’ Health and Well-being in Coventry and Rugby

As the UK hosts asylum seekers and refugees, with Coventry leading on the Syrian Vulnerable Persons resettlement scheme, it is imperative to understand how their health and well-being needs can best be effectively and efficiently met by healthcare practitioners.

Chaplains on Campus: Understanding Chaplaincy in UK Universities

The overall aim of this research is to provide universities, religious bodies and student organisations with an evidence base and recommendations to enhance chaplaincy provision across the university sector.

Talking Back: Hip Hop through research and practice

This three day event is grounded in feminist and critical theorist Bell Hook’s idea of “Talking Back” and will open up a space to learn more about the five pillars of Hip Hop (Knowledge, Graffiti, break dance, Djing and Emceeing).

Review of Evidence on the Physiological and Psychological Development of Children

In 2015 the UK Government gave Sport England a new remit to support children aged 5-14 years. SE commissioned Duncan, Eyre and colleagues to undertake a review (completed in March 2017) to inform the body’s response to this.

What the new counter-terrorism duty means for schools and further education colleges

The first major mixed-method study into the enactment of the Prevent counter-terrorism in statutory education.

Abracadabra (ABRA): Online Reading Support

Abracadabra (ABRA) is an online toolkit composed of phonics, fluency and comprehension activities based around a series of age-appropriate texts. The trial assesses a 20 week programme of lesson plans using the ABRA activities.

Evaluating the Potential of a Speech Rhythm-Based Reading Intervention

This project demonstrated, for the first time, that training in speech rhythm improves early literacy skills in children beginning school. This finding was used as the basis for a new reading scheme developed by Rising Stars.

Coventry & Birmingham Low Emission Vehicle Demonstrator Programme (CABLED)

The CABLED project provided the opportunity for Ultra Low Carbon Vehicles to be made available to a wide cross section of real world users and collect data on their everyday use over a 12 month trial period.

Understanding barriers to Electric Vehicle adoption amongst mass market car drivers

Within the context of government policy regulating against the sales of new internal combustion engine vehicles within the next two decades, the project sought to understand how ready the mass market is to transition to electric vehicles (EVs).

A Community-Centred Educational Model for developing Social Resilience (ACES): Playfulness towards an inclusive, safe and resilient society

In the ACES project, we are investigating the impact of transformative education through playful approaches and experiences towards developing social resilience, targeting young people in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Short Food Supply Chains and Local Food Systems in the EU - A State of Play

The study aimed to describe the state-of-play of short food supply chains (SFSC) and Local Food Systems (LFS) in the EU.

Bioleaching technology for the recovery of metals from Electronic Waste - Research Project

The aim of the project is to develop a sustainable and environmentally friendly method to recover precious metals from electronic waste that will create a closed-loop system to recycle metals back into the supply chain as required in a sustainable circular economy.