About CAMC

About CAMC

The Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities (CAMC) is the newest research centre to join the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Coventry. The Centre, led by Professor Patricia Phillippy, is home to a vibrant research culture that weaves together three strands of scholarship in an intricate but accessible fabric: Cultural Memory, Well-being and the Arts, and Critical PracticesWithin and across these themes, our research is both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary.

Core staff in CAMC are internationally recognised as leaders in the fields of:

  • Art History
  • Curatorial Studies
  • Design and Design Futures
  • Material and Cultural Memories
  • Practice Research

The Centre is home to nearly 20 Associate members whose wide interests, cutting-edge scholarship and unparalleled creative practice enrich CAMC’s research climate and help to bring the Centre’s research into classrooms across the Faculty. We supervise a PhD community numbering 20, whose studies lie in distinct fields of expertise but who benefit from the interdisciplinary culture surrounding them.

Firmly committed to pursuing ‘excellence with impact’, CAMC members create world-leading research that reaches and influences communities—both local and global—beyond the university. Innovative and outward-facing, CAMC’s community of scholars represent a unique blend of criticism and practice that enlivens both.

Patricia Phillippy, Executive Director of CAMC

CAMC is deeply local, and our members actively work to enrich and promote Coventry’s museums, galleries and heritage sites as well as fostering community health, mobility and access to creative and cultural productions. As citizens of the 2021 City of Culture, we are working with external partners to enhance Coventry’s cultural experience and to expose our PhD students to the work of these partners through co-funded studentships.

At the same time, our research has a global reach, with partners throughout the UK and across Europe and North America. We have undertaken funded research in collaboration with local, national and international partners; our awards include Horizon2020, Leverhulme Research Fellowships, British Academy fellowships and Arts Council support for our practice-based researchers.

CAMC is a truly exceptional environment where a team of world-leading researchers, artists and creative practitioners from a variety of fields are engaged with each other’s work and are committed to nurturing our early career researchers and PGRs.

Learn more about the Centre by accessing our Pure Portal

Image credit: John Devane,  ‘The yellow house’  oil on canvas (2020).