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The Daphne ICEBERG Project

The Domestic violence and abuse student resource forms part of the Daphne suite of toolkits; funded by the European Commission they have been developed to support women and children in abusive relationships.

Under the Daphne project Coventry University along with European partners have joined a coalition that includes members from Italy, Bulgaria, Brussels France and Spain.

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We believe the symbol of the ICEBERG represents the nature of Domestic Violence and Abuse. The under reporting of Domestic Violence/Abuse is a longstanding issue; this resource will assist all victims/survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse.

This project seeks to develop a Europe wide cohesive web that will contribute to the development of community policies and more specifically those related to vulnerable women.

With our European partners we are adapting strategies to develop local coalitions, and put in place multidisciplinary prevention teams to aid the sign posting of vulnerable women.

We hope that students who have experienced violence or find themselves in abusive relationships will use this resource. We hope that all members of the university community will find the resource useful.

Visit the Daphne ICEBERG project site to use the resource

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