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Mentoring programme

Mentoring programme

Coventry University and Vygo have become partners to introduce peer support and mentoring to all students from day one of their studies.

Having access to peer support and establishing a connection with others in your group can really help the transition into university life. Joining the peer mentoring portal online is a simple way to connect with your peers and find support amongst friends.

Do you want to connect with other students having similar experiences to you?

Vygo is a user-friendly portal, home to a range of peer-to-peer support programmes based around your academic or vocational area. Final year students can also benefit from the professional industry mentoring programme brought to you by the Talent Team.

On the Vygo app, you can register yourself as a member and then decide to be a Mentor or a Mentee, or both, as your own knowledge and experience grow.

Mentors are fellow students, and industry professionals for the Talent Scheme, who can help in your development by sharing their experiences and giving advice. They can help you work towards your goals, develop your study skills, and close the skills gaps you may have.

As a mentee, whether you need support through your studies or just want to know your peers for advice, Vygo is the virtual space where this can happen.

Peer support can be accessed in many ways and is designed for your convenience. You can browse through the programmes on offer and the in-app chat feature allows for easy and instant communication, which you can follow up with video calls or in-person meeting.

How do I get started?

Download the Vygo app now to find a mentor who can best meet your needs. The app is versatile and can be used via desktop, tablet and mobile. To download the app via your phone go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Already an experienced student and would like to be a mentor?

Please fill out this expression of interest form and we will send you more information about how you can become a mentor and earn your open badge.

Learn more about Vygo.

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