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CSM team

The Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling takes pride in its vibrant and diverse team of researchers, staff and student, as well as a supportive team of administrators, visiting academics, and advisory board members. If you are interested in collaborations or want to speak to someone about PhD opportunities, please get in touch with our staff under the relevant theme.

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Leadership and operational team

Matthew England smiling in photoshoot

Prof. Elena Gaura

Data Science and Emerging Technologies

Research Institute Director

Lorna Everall smiling in photoshoot

Lorna Everall

Head of Research Management Administration & Projects, CSM

Portrait of James Brusey with grey background

Professor James Brusey

Co-Director, CSM



Joel Gibbs smiling during photoshoot

Joel Gibbs

Research Support Manager

Research team

AI for Cyber-Physical Systems 

Name Role Contact Key research
Dr Alison Halford Assistant Professor Energy poverty, AI and Ethics, Data Feminism, Inclusive design frameworks
Prof. Elena Gaura Research Director for Data Science and Emerging Technologies AI, Cyber Physical Systems, Data-to-knowledge Pipelines, Energy Systems, Socio-Technical Design
Prof. James Brusey Professor of Computer Science Reinforcement Learning, Wireless Sensor Networks
Dr Johnathan Nixon Associate Professor Renewable Energy; Systems Modelling; Optimisation; Energy Management Systems; Multi-criteria Decision Analysis
Dr Saurav Sthapit Assistant Professor IoT, Reinforcement Learning, Cyber Physical Systems, Cyber-Security and Deep Learning

Fundamental Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence 

Name Role Contact Key research
Dr AmirHosein Sadeghi Manesh Research Fellow Applied and Computational Algebraic Geometry, Computer algebra, Mathematical Biology, Population Dynamics, Chemical Reaction Network Theory
Dr Fei He Associate Professor Nonlinear Signal Processing, Control Systems Engineering, Deep Learning, Computational Neuroscience, Systems Biology
Giacomo Masone Research Assistant CSI-COP Project
Dr Huma Shah Assistant Professor AI Ethics, Data Privacy
Jaimz Winter Research Assistant Data Privacy, Game Design
Dr Matthew England Associate Professor and Theme Lead Computer Algebra / Symbolic Computation, Data Science for Algorithm Optimisation, Quantifier Elimination, Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT), Applied Algebraic Geometry

Machine Learning for Computational Vision and Natural Language Processing

Name Role Contact Key research
Dr Alireza Daneshkhah Associate Professor Bayesian Statistics, Gaussian processes
Prof. Vasile Palade Professor of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Machine Learning and Applications; Deep Learning; Computer Vision; Autonomous Driving; Natural Language Processing
Dr Xiaorui Jiang Assistant Professor Natural Language Processing, Automated Systematic Review
Dr Pengpeng Hu Assistant Professor Biometrics, Measurement, Point cloud processing, Deep learning, 3D body scanning

Postgraduate researchers

AI for Cyber-Physical Systems Postgraduate Researchers

Name Director of Studies Thesis Title
Faizan Ahmad James Brusey Smooth Robotic Reinforcement Learning
Rjaa Ashraf Jonathan Nixon Multi-Objective Optimisation of Anaerobic Digestion Systems
Daniel Bammeke Jonathan Nixon Multi-Objective Energy Management For Stand- Alone Photovoltaic Systems: An Application To Refugee Camps
Aniket Dixit James Brusey Sensor Anomaly Detection using Reinforcement Learning
Ihsan Haq Saurav Sthapit Using wearable sensors for analysing awkward postures in construction workers
Sokipriala Solomon Jonah James Brusey Accelerating The Convergence Of Artificial Intelligence And The Internet Of Wearable Thing
Abhishek Kallarappayi Jonathan Nixon Intelligent wind turbines for cold climates
Adeen Qazi Alison Halford Beyond cook stoves and solar lanterns: the role of renewable energy inventions in addressing gender inequality in the displaced setting

Fundamental Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence Postgraduate Researchers

Name Director of Studies Thesis Title
Abiola Babatunde Matthew England Exploiting Domain Structures in Heuristic Algorithms for the Set Covering Problem
Daniel Flood Matthew England Measuring, Understanding and Improving Student Engagement in Programming Teaching
Dominik Klepl Fei He Network Inference And Machine Learning: Identification Of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Ibnu Febry Kurniawan Fei He Internet Of Things-Enabled Contextual Traffic Information Dissemination: Network Design And Performance Optimisation
Tereso Del Rio Almajano Matthew England Using Machine Learning To Improve Quantifier Elimination Procedures
Mohamed Ahsan Mohamed Mafaz Matthew England Adaptive Control of a Quadcopter UAV against Model Uncertainties, External Perturbations and Faults
Rashid Barket Matthew England Use of machine learning technology to improve symbolic simplification and integration in the Maple computer algebra system, without risking their mathematical correctness
Sivasharmini Ganeshamoorthy Fei He Computational biology and gene network inference: study the effects of diurnal asymmetric warming on plant defence and growth
Stephan Goerttler Fei He Network Inference And Machine Learning: Understanding Brain Connectivity And Neurological Disorders

Machine Learning for Computational Vision and Natural Language Processing Postgraduate Researchers

Name Director of Studies Thesis Title
Michael Ajao-Olarinoye Vasile Palade Effective Algorithm for infectious disease resources allocation applied to the covid 19 pandemics
Amirkazem Kayhani Vasile Palade Model-Based Security For Automotive Systems
Ankur Deo Vasile Palade Efficient Machine Learning For Car Situational Awareness
Emran Ali Alireza Daneshkhah A Machine Learning Based Analysis Of Sleep Patterns In Aging Using Physiological Signals
James Donnelly Alireza Daneshkhah A Novel Predictive Model For Extreme Climatic Events: Application Of Catastrophe Modelling In Evaluating Environmental Hazard And Vulnerability
Julia Wieczorek Vasile Palade Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing For The Assessment of Depression Symptoms
Majdi Fanous Alireza Daneshkhah Modelling of Hydro-Morphodynamic Systems Using Deep Gaussian Process
Maria Tariq Vasile Palade Automatic detection of diabetic retinopathy in eye fundus images
Opeoluwa Akinseloyin Vasile Palade Mining Biomedical Publications To Defeat Pandemic: Identifying Relational Knowledge Between Scientific Claims
Ruchita Mehta Vasile Palade Multi-sensor and ai enabled system design for remote monitoring of physiological signals and activities in covid-19 imposed conditions
Sara Sardari Alireza Daneshkhah Activity Recognition Using Digital Frame Streams For Monitoring Rehab Period
Shruti Nair
Vasile Palade Sustainable Cultivation Modelling Based On Remotely Sensed Images For Monitoring Environmental Consequences Of Climate Change
Susanta Ghosh Vasile Palade Multimodal drone localisation and navigation in GPS deprived areas
Suleiman Yakubu Alireza Daneshkhah Estimating the Economic impact of Mental Health effects due to Flooding using Advanced Bayesian Machine Learning methods

Visiting researchers

Name Home institution  Position at CSM
Dr Arit Bishwas PricewaterhouseCooper (US), India Honorary Research Fellow 
Dr Ben Robinson Nottingham University, (UK) Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Florescu Dorian Imperial College London, (UK) Honorary Research Fellow
Prof. James Davenport University of Bath, (UK) Visiting Professor
Kang Youngshin Kwangwoon University, (South Korea) Visiting PhD Student
Dr Kojo Gyamfi Loblaw Companies Limited, (Canada) Honorary Research Fellow
Maoshan Liu Jiangnan University, (China) Visiting PhD Student
Dr Sara Sharifzadeh Swansea University, (UK) Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Simon See NIVIDIA, (Singapore) Visiting Professor
Dr Stavros Christopoulos University of Huddersfield, (UK) Visiting Research Fellow
Prof. Subhas Mukhopadhay Macquarie University, (Australia) Visiting Professor
Dr Sujan Rajbhandari Bangor University, (UK) Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Uche Abiola Onyekpe York St John University Visiting Researcher
Dr ZindongaMukandavire Emirates Aviation University, (UAE) Honorary Research Fellow

Advisory board

Name Role Organisation
Brian Millington Former Managing Director TUV NEL Ltd
Danilo Mandic Professor Imperial College London
Simon See Senior Director NIVIDIA AI Technology Centre
Helene Piet-Lahanier Scientific Deputy ONERA
 Queen’s Award for Enterprise Logo
University of the year shortlisted
QS Five Star Rating 2023