Fundamental Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence

Fundamental Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence

Focus of our research

Our research centre (Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling), tackles real-world impactful problems. However, successful applications rely on the development of new theory, algorithms, and implementations to underpin these techniques, and so we have a dedicated theme here. 
A particular focus is the algorithms of symbolic computation and their implementation in computer algebra systems to automate exact mathematics.  The theme has expertise in these, their integration with SAT/SMT-solver technology for constraint checking and verification, and their applications in particular for the analysis of bio-chemical reaction networks.  The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded DEWCAD project covers such topics, including the collaboration with international software company, Maplesoft.
Another key focus is ethical artificial intelligence (AI), data-privacy by design, and citizen science.  Trust in AI is a pertinent issue, through awareness of privacy in technology and bias embedded into algorithms that negatively impact some communities. The EU funded CSI-COP involves citizen scientists in the investigation of compliance with data protection regulations.
Elsewhere in the theme we have expertise in optimisation algorithms, novel meta-heuristic approaches for NP-Hard problems, topological data analysis, the design of hardware and embedded systems; and algorithms for signal/image processing. 
An overarching interest is the use of data science in the above.  Such as to take choices in algebraic software which do not effect correctness but greatly impact the efficiency of computations, to exploit domain structures to create custom optimisation algorithms and meta-heuristics, and even to create new pedagogy approaches for the teaching of such topics.

Our Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs)

Name  Thesis Title DoS Contact
Michael Ajao-Olarinoye Effective Algorithms For Infectious Diseases Resource Allocation Applied to Covid-19 Pandemic Seyed Mousavi
Abiola Babatunde Exploiting Domain Structures in Heuristic Algorithms For The Set Covering Problem Seyed Mousavi
Miguel Tereso Del Rio Almahano Using Machine Learning to Improve Quantifier Elimination Procedures Matthew England
Daniel Flood Measuring, Understanding and Improving Engagement in Programming Teaching Matthew England
Colin Stephen Classifying Time Series Using Persistent Homology, with Applications to Cardiology Matthew England
Mohamed Ahsan Mohamed Mafaz Embedded System Design for Automated Pandemic Response Tools Matthew England
Matthew Tart Forensic Inference from Telecommunication Records Matthew England
Jaimz Winter Privacy By Design For Games Development Matthew England

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