Postgraduate Community

Postgraduate Community

GLEA promotes a supportive research environment that provides opportunity for critical thinking, reflective practice and rich discussions on research. Our thriving community of Postgraduate researchers included part-time, full-time, mature, UK and overseas students, all studying face to face and/or online.

Testimonials: A PhD at GLEA

As a second year student at the Centre for Global Learning, I am part of a great community of PhD students and researchers. My research is motivated by my own personal history and experiences, asking the question: “How does it feel to be a Nigerian student of faith in UK HE?” I'm exploring the reality of this for Nigerian students, providing a platform for us to express our thoughts through the use of documentary-film. I enjoy being a student at GLEA, because I'm given the freedom to express myself creatively with my study.

Emmanuel Johnson, PhD Student

I have enjoyed exploring my own research positionality, my biases, and most importantly about the inequities in education around the world.

Dureshahwar Lughmani, PhD student

I'm a physiotherapy lecturer whose background is in teaching and supporting postgraduate international students on university-based, health related courses. Feedback from staff and students highlighted challenges for international students, particularly while on clinical placement. My PhD research aims to explore the experiences of international physiotherapy students on their journey to professional status. As a student in GLEA, it is a real privilege to be part of such a knowledgeable, open and enthusiastic team. I have been encouraged and empowered to explore my research area creatively, which has diversified my learning and allowed me to develop my ideas in ways I hadn't expected.

Jackie Shanley, PhD student

Current PGR projects

Name Research Title Supervisor
Araz Agha Re-Imaging Construction Education For The 21ST Century and Beyond: A Strategic Vision Professor Megan Crawford, Dr Sylwia Holmes
Ada Linda Kelechi Ahuche Determining Future Provision of Transnational Education in Nigeria Professor Megan Crawford, Dr Luca Morini
Michael Barker The Motivations of International Students Choosing Their UK University: Case Study of Chinese Students at Coventry University Dr Luca Morini, Professor Megan Crawford
Craig Leslie Bartle Life Beyond the Classroom: Helping university students become effective independent learners Dr Arinola Adefila, Dr Caroline Wilson, Professor Christine Broughan
Yvonne Browne An investigation of the evolving role of an academic in the new millennium as the facilitator of teaching and learning to integrate the expectations of students and employers Professor Lynn Clouder, Dr Dimitar Angelov, Dr Ruth Heames
Katherine May Blundell How does diagnosis of dyslexia impact on identity, self-belief and reading progress in children and adults? Professor Julia Carroll, Dr Georgia Niolaki, Dr Helen Johnson
Amela Bogdanovic Maximising benefits of the innovation and exchange of good practices on the output of strategic partnerships projects for vocational education and training Dr Luca Morini, Professor Megan Crawford
Grace Cappy Getting in, getting on and being out - Identifying and addressing barriers LGBT+ students face in succeeding in Higher Education Dr Alun DeWinter, Professor Christine Broughan, Dr Caroline Wilson
Kathryn Megan Cawley Developing the Effectiveness of Spelling Teaching in Mainstream Classrooms In Order To Improve Outcomes For All Learners Professor Julia Carroll, Dr Helen Breadmore
Janet Campbell A comparison of the necessary factors in the design and delivery of experiential learning in a semi immersive virtual reality (VR) environment in the UK and Australia Dr Alun DeWinter, Dr Yung-Fang Chen, Professor Megan Crawford
Rupinderjit Cheema This Research Aims to Look at Different Strategies Pastoral Teams in School Can Use to Support Students with Mental Health Issues Professor Megan Crawford, Dr Hannah Andrews
Joseph Davis What Is The Role Of Leadership In Tackling Issues Of Diversity In A Higher Education Institution Under Representation Of Ethnic Minority Staff At Senior Management Level Professor Megan Crawford, Dr Andy Coleman
Mark Dawson How Can Collaborative Online International Learning Enable Education-Industry-Community Partnerships to Enhance Global Citizenship And Sustainable Development Education Required In A Post-COVID World? Professor Katherine Wimpenny, Professor Jos Beelen, Dr QueAnh Dang
Liudmyla Dmytriieva Virtual Mobility Programmes in Higher Education: Impact Analysis on Students? Professional Self-identity, Employability Prospects And Social Innovation Dr Arinola Adefila, Professor Megan Crawford
Jodie Enderby Learning from lockdown: a project to understand changes in self-concept and self-efficacy during the pandemic in students with disabilities to promote future inclusivity Professor Lynn Clouder, Professor Julia Carroll, Dr Carlo Tramontano
Karen Fraser The Role of Assessment and Feedback In Contributing To Student Confidence and Well-Being In Academic Achievement Professor Julia Carroll, Dr Sian Alsop
Sandeep Gakhal Improving the mental health of students in higher education Professor Julia Carroll, Dr Caroline Wilson, Dr Alun DeWinter, Professor Christine Broughan
Holly Gilbert Mathematics And Statistics Support In the New Normal Professor Duncan Lawson, Dr Mark Hodds
Sam Grant Uncontrollable Behaviour: Questioning Perceptions of Neurodiversity within State Provisions Professor Lynn Clouder, Ken Fero, Professor Katherine Wimpenny
Annette Hay Understanding how racialized experiences and cultural legacies of Black Minority Ethnic staff influence disparities in attainment and achievement Professor Christine Broughan, Dr Caroline Wilson, Professor Gus John
Leanne Hunt Linking social/experiential and curriculum learning for greater risk knowledge: lessons for the UK education system from Italy Dr Yung-Fang Chen, Dr Rami Ayoubi
Emmanuel Johnson An Ethnography Exploring issues of Identity, Difference, Belonging and Culture Shock of International Religious Students Study in British Higher Education Professor Katherine Wimpenny, Dr Fred Mudhai, Dr Alun DeWinter
Parminder Kaur Khela Understanding the impact of Childrens Exposure to Digital Texts Dr Helen Breadmore, Professor Clare Wood, Stoyan Kurtev
Leema Philip Kuttiyil What are the barriers and facilitators of success for international nursing students on clinical placement? A mixed-method study Professor Lynn Clouder, Dr Brendan Greaney, Dr Dimitar Angelov
Aisha Labefo Audu Experiences of Mature Black Female Students in a Post 92 UK University. What is Your Story? Professor Suzanne Clisby, Professor Megan Crawford
Dureshahwar Lughmani A Study of Student Writers? Progress in Response To Written Genre-Based Feedback On Drafts: Implications for Designing Dr Sian Alsop, Professor Sheena Gardner
Farhana Ahmed Lunat An investigation of student engagement and non-engagement with mathematics and statistics support services Professor Duncan Lawson, Dr Mark Hodds, Dr Farzana Aslam
Jennifer Mc Nally Early-Stage International Postgraduate Researchers: Implications of Transnational Experience on Well-Being and Postgraduate Researcher Development Professor Megan Crawford, Dr Tracey Rehling
Thomas Joseph Murtagh Restorative justice as a tool to reduce school exclusions Professor Megan Crawford, Dr Sylwia Holmes
Amrita Narang Curriculum Transformation - Impact of Investing in a De-Colonial Curriculum - What Does it Mean for Academics and Academic Developers Dr Arinola Adefila, Professor Katherine Wimpenny
Darlington Onyewuchi Njere Development Of Resilient Pedagogy In Engineering Education To Enhance Student Satisfaction And Industrial Engagement For Sustainability Dr Farzana Aslam, Professor Megan Crawford
Abdul Qayoom Mentoring OTTs: an investigation into the experiences of overseas-trained teachers of the mentorship process and the pedagogical challenges that they face in the process of their training to become a qualified teacher in the UK Professor Megan Crawford, Dr Alun DeWinter, Dr Virginia King
Rosida Rakhmawati Muhammad Ethnomathematics: Exploring Geometry on Tapis Indonesia in Teaching Mathematics Professor Duncan Lawson, Dr Farzana Aslam, Professor Megan Crawford
Samena Rashid The impact of internationalisation on University students from a widening access background Professor Katherine Wimpenny, Dr Peter Wolstencroft, Dr Tina Bass, Dr Dimitar Angelov
Andi Musafir Rusyaidi Teachers Qualifications: Policies and Challenges of Pre-service English Language Teachers Education Programs Professor Lynn Clouder, Dr Dimitar Angelov, Professor Megan Crawford
Sabine Schaebitz European Architectural Education, Heritage and Public Engagement: A comparison of theory and practice in the UK and Germany Dr Dimitar Angelov, Professor Lynn Clouder
Jacqueline Shanley How can physiotherapy education support equitable learning success in culturally diverse students? Searching for answers through an examination of the attainment gap between home and international students Professor Katherine Wimpenny, Professor Lynn Clouder, Dr Martin Selby
Suzanne Smith Ghoti, T choghs And Ghoughpteighbteaus: A Socioeconomic Case For The Simplification of English Spelling Professor Julia Carroll, Dr Helen Breadmore
Zaira Solomons A Mixed Method Study: Exploring Social Capital Amongst First Year University Students in South Africa and Its Implications for Student Attainment. Professor Suzanne Clisby, Dr Gurnam Singh
Carol Still Authentic learner engagement and development of complex thinking skills through business simulations and pedagogic care in a multi-cultural HE environment Professor Katherine Wimpenny, Dr Luca Morini, Dr Sian Alsop, Professor Lynn Clouder
Ida Suandi Al Shara From Malaysia to the UK: A Critical Study of Malaysian students’ Motivations, Expectations and Learning Experiences in Multicultural Learning Environments in UK Universities. Dr Luca Morini, Professor Lynn Clouder, Dr Fitri Suraya Mohamad
Angela Thompson To what extent is the proposed model SITED a reflection of Real World Process & Experience? Dr Simon Goodman, Professor Julia Carroll, Professor Clare Wood, Dr Sarah Critten
Tanya Vidanagama Maintaining Academic Integrity Using Assessment In A Post COVID HE Environment Case Study Of Sri Lankan State Universities Dr Dimitar Angelov, Professor Megan Crawford, Dr Stella-Maris Orim
Sara Elizabeth Whylie Morphology, phonology and literacy from pre-school to Year 2: Evidence from eye movements Dr Helen Breadmore, Dr Anna Cunningham
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