Our Publications

Our Publications

Global Perspectives on Teaching Excellence

A new era for higher education

Broughan, C. (ed.), Clouder, D. (ed.) & Steventon, G. (ed.) 2018


Broughan, C., Clouder, D. & Steventon, G.

What is teaching excellence?

Gakhal, S.

Global Perspectives on teaching excellence

Wilson, C. & Broughan, C.

What outcomes are we trying to achieve from excellent teaching and why are they so difficult to measure?

Wilson, C.

Chapter: We Have a Situation Coventry!

Wimpenny, K. Varley Jamieson, H.

Virtual Worlds: Concepts, Applications and Future Directions,

Falconer, L. and Ortega, M. 2018

Chapter: OpenMed breaking boundaries and building bridges across our knowledge-sharing communities

Wimpenny, K. Affouneh, S., Steffanili, C. , Almakari, A., Tweissi, A., Abdel Naby, H. & Seddik, T.

Ecologies of Open Inclusion, Intersections, and Interstices in Education.

Paul Prinsloo and Dianne Conrad (Eds) (2018)

Chapter: The Benefits and Challenges of Embedding Intercultural Competencies into the Postgraduate Research Provision

DeWinter, A.

Internationalising the Curriculum: Engaging Academic Staff and Internationalisation at Home

Kirk, S., Newstead, C., Gann, R.G., and Rounsaville, C. (Eds) 2018

A practical guide to arts-related research

Savin-Baden, M. & Wimpenny, K. 2014