This team conducts research to accelerate the progression to carbon-zero transport, particularly in the automotive sector and also working across the aerospace, and marine and rail transport sectors.

The E-Mobility research takes place within the Centre for Advanced Low Carbon Propulsion Systems and is focused on four core research areas:

  • Electrochemical energy storage
  • Hydrogen fuel cells
  • Power electronics
  • Electric machines

C-ALPS’ researchers and partners collaborate closely within this diverse and multi-disciplined research environment, focusing on innovation in propulsion systems for transport.

Areas of research

Energy storage

The E-Mobility team has world leading expertise in battery technologies & supercapacitors, ranging from the chemistry within cells through to their manufacture, lifetime performance and recycling.

The group also have a growing team focused on mobile hydrogen fuel cell applications.

Power electronics and electric machines

The power electronics and machines team undertake research ranging from power semi-conductors devices to power converters and electrical machines with their associated control systems and instrumentation.



Our team

Energy Storage Power Electronics/Electric Machines
Group leader: Rohit Bhagat Group leader: Petar Igic
Zahoor Ahmed Senthooran Balasubramaniam
Tazdin Amietszajew Soroush Faramehr
Ruth Carvajal Ortiz Jianwei Li
Oliver Curnick Ke Li
Joe Fleming Qingsong Wang
Marveh Forghani James Widmer
Evangelos Gkanas  
Yue Guo  
Peter Jostins  
Rong Lan  
Vlad Marsic  
Mostafiz Rahman  
Alexander Roberts  
Jinlei Shang  
Farooq Sher  
Chongming Wang  
Cheng Zhang  

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