Structure, Systems and Autonomy

Structure, Systems and Autonomy

This is a major activity in the Institute bringing together multi-disciplinary teams in large scale projects that have very strong links to industry.

CCAAR Centre for Connected Autonomous Automotive Research

HORIBA MIRA, a world-leader in vehicle engineering, research and product testing has joined forces with Coventry University to launch a brand new automotive research centre dedicated to developing intelligent, connected vehicle technology.

C-ALPS Centre for Advanced Low Carbon Propulsion Systems

Coventry University and German-based international engineering service provider FEV have signed a £30 million deal to build a clean transport lab in Coventry to spearhead research into advanced powertrain development over the next decade. Four state-of-the-art powertrain test cells will allow university and FEV researchers and engineers to test and improve performance and emissions on a range of different powertrain concepts, including hybridized, electric, conventional and alternative fuel propulsion systems.

Microcab Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Building on its strong automotive heritage, reputation for enterprise and innovation, and its commitment to the low carbon economy, Coventry University is at the forefront of developments in ‘green’ vehicle technologies. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are being designed and built in Coventry through the university’s cutting-edge spin-out company Microcab.


In an increasingly uncertain world, the need for the security of citizens, data and critical infrastructure is a major concern. A parallel but not unrelated body of research acknowledges safety needs requiring rigorous engineering, fail-proof mechanisms and protection systems to ensure a dependable design and reliable operation. The Cyber Security team is a group of multi-disciplinary researchers addressing issues of systems security for automotive, rail and connected infrastructure. Over the past 6 years, the group has been involved in a number of projects including:


The team

 Dr. Siraj Shaikh

Prof. Siraj Shaikh

Cyber security

 Dr. Jeremy Bryans Thumbnail

Dr. Jeremy Bryans

Cyber security, formal verification, cyber-physical systems

 Dr. Hoang Nguyen

Dr. Hoang Nguyen

Railway verification, computational logic, model checking and multi-agent systems


Emma Moreton

Cyber security policy making, corpus linguistics


Atif Hussain

Cyber security and computer science

 Dr. Madeline Cheah Thumbnail

Madeline Cheah

Cyber-security, digital forensics and penetration testing

 Dr. Daniel S. Fowler Thumbnail

Daniel S. Fowler

Automotive cyber-security, digital forensics and trustworthy systems

 Andrew Tomlinson Thumbnail

Andrew Tomlinson


 Mike Waters Thumbnail

Mike Waters

Connected & autonomous vehicles, vehicle to infrastructure connectivity

 Stephen Powley Thumbnail

Stephen Powley

Connected & autonomous vehicles, vehicle to infrastructure connectivity

 John Heneghan Thumbnail

John Heneghan

Digital forensics, security testing, systems engineering and automotive cybersecurity


Automotive cybersecurity poses a major challenge to connected and autonomous vehicles. This course addresses the wider challenge of increasing digital and software components on connected platforms and focusses specifically on threat intelligence and engineering aspects of automotive systems. Issues of policy and personal data are also explored.

This course is for engineers, scientists and consultants with an interest in cybersecurity of connected and autonomous vehicles; automotive manufacturers, electronics designers and suppliers, components manufacturers and software tool developers; and policy makers, academics and researchers.

Vehicle Dynamics and Safety

There are huge opportunities for reducing collisions, injuries and emissions in future traffic through advanced design and manufacture of the next generation of vehicles and control systems.

In this team, we have brought together experts in accident investigation and traumatology, with those who are experts in light weight structures and optimisation and vehicle performance modelling (including tyre and suspension systems). In addition, we look at the contribution electric motors will play in efficiency and then also look at how advances in control systems engineering will contribute to future vehicle design and functional safety.

Extreme light weighting without degrading vehicle safety can be achieved only through multifunctional structures. We are researching and developing multidisciplinary optimisation algorithms and tools that facilitate the design, analysis and verification of these structures.

To complement work on the performance of vehicles within a collision we also look at new communication and control systems designed to avoid collisions through driver support functions.

The team

Professor Mike Blundell

Professor Mike Blundell

Vehicle dynamics, impact and safety

Dr. Jesper Christensen Thumbnail

Dr. Jesper Christensen

Structural analysis, optimisation algorithm development and implementation

Dr. Christophe Bastien Thumbnail

Dr. Christophe Bastien

Automotive safety, lightweighting, optimisation and human trauma predictions

Stratis Kanarachos

Dr. Stratis Kanarachos

Motion control, active dynamics and learning behaviour

Dr. Arash Moradinegade Dizqah

Dr. Arash Moradinegade Dizqah

Optimisation and control, electric and hybrid vehicles, autonomous vehicles

Dr. Mauro Innocente

Dr. Mauro Innocente

Analysis & optimisation for engineering design, connected & autonomous vehicles

Dr Mike Bromfield

Dr. Mike Bromfield

Flight safety, flight data monitoring, aircraft flying qualities, in-flight loss-of-control

Neophytos Lophitis

Dr. Neophytos Lophitis

Power electronics, semiconductor engineering & batteries

Dina Shona Laila

Dr. Dina Shona Laila

Instrumentation and control

Dr. Leon Shpanin

Dr. Leon Shpanin

Energy, plasmas and compressed air

Dr. Konstantinos Gyftakis

Dr. Konstantinos Gyftakis

Induction motors, insulation and rotors

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