Study with Us

Study with Us

The Centre for Fluid and Complex Systems brings together a wide range of expertise in the measurement and modelling of fluid flows. We have active research in applied mathematics, fluid mechanics and instrumentation and work on a range of exciting application-oriented flow measurement challenges.

Fluid and Complex Systems undertakes fundamental and applied research into industrially-relevant complex flows including:

  • Smart Pipes, Vessels and Advanced Sensors
  • Process Tomography and Process Nowcasting
  • Fluid Mechanics of Complex Flows
  • Advanced Computing
  • Clean Combustion
  • Reservoir modelling

Flow measurement is an integral and vital part of many industrial processes. Plant control, product quality and safety systems are often underpinned by the need to measure flows of liquids, gases and solids. Trade of fuels, industrial feedstock and chemical products relies on accurate measurement of flow. Flow measurement is an essential element of all modern industrial societies.

Our unique combination of expertise and facilities from Coventry University and NEL (the former National Engineering Laboratory), allows us to work across multiple sectors to be the UK’s leading flow measurement and fluid mechanics research centre for the measurement and characterization of complex flows. We have strong links with many UK and international companies, as well as active research projects with universities and research institutions around the world.

PhD Opportunities

Flow Measurement is a large growth business, and the measurement of liquids, solids and gases alone or in mixtures is often the cash register of a business. Choosing to pursue PhD study within the vibrant and supportive intellectual environment of the Centre is an investment in your future. Our research is grouped around themes including multiphase flow measurement, intelligent metering, smart pipes, and the fluid mechanics of combustion and geophysical flows. Explore the Centre’s pages and find out about the innovative research that is being undertaken by our staff and current, and former, postgraduate research students; work that is not only cutting-edge but contributing to important issues confronting business, engineering and research.

We welcome applications from suitably qualified self-funded or sponsored PhD candidates that relate to our current research themes.

Current projects
  • Coupled electromagnetic and fluid mechanics interpretation of imaging sensors
  • Condition-based flow meter management
  • Multi-parameter self-calibrating flow measurement techniques
  • Improving pressure loss estimations in large-scale flows of high-viscosity oils
  • Development of advanced tomographic systems for multiphase flow
  • Flow measurement in high viscosity fluids using hybrid measurement techniques
  • Online oil-in-water quality measurement devices
  • Modelling runup of waves on beaches and coastal structures
  • Experimental study of turbulence in liquid metals in a very high magnetic field
  • Experimental study of the transition to turbulence in particulate pipe flows
  • Advanced oil-water separation monitoring for enhanced oil recovery
  • Modelling and measurements for sub-surface carbon capture and storage
  • 3-phase, oil-air-water, oil well flow simulator
  • Multiphase flow loop, UK national standard (NEL)
  • Single-phase flow calibration facilities in oil and water (NEL)
  • Wet gas flow loop, UK national standard (NEL)

If you think you have what it takes to study for a PhD with us and have an idea you would like to discuss before you apply, please contact