Our People


Name Title Email
Professor Alban Potherat Executive Director; group lead: Fluid Mechanics of Complex Flows Group aa4111@coventry.ac.uk 
Professor Manus Henry Group lead: Flow Measurement Technologies Group ac9631@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Ran Holtzman Group lead: Nonequilibrium in Environment and Engineering Systems Ran.Holtzman@coventry.ac.uk
Professor Ralph Kenna Group lead: Statistical Physics Group r.kenna@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Jonathan Carter Assistant Professor Jonathan.Carter@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Mykyta Chubynsky Research Fellow ae2173@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Charo del Genio Assistant Professor ad0364@coventry.ac.uk 
Dr Nikolaos Fytas Assistant Professor nikolaos.fytas@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Susanne Horn Assistant Professor ad2991@coventry.ac.uk 
Professor Eun-jin Kim Professor ad3116@coventry.ac.uk 
Dr Abhishek Kumar Assistant Professor ac7600@coventry.ac.uk 
Dr Junho Park Assistant Professor ad5486@coventry.ac.uk 
Dr Janis Priede Associate Professor aa2371@coventry.ac.uk 
Dr Chris Pringle Assistant Professor ab5838@coventry.ac.uk 
Dr Ijhar Rusli Research Fellow ad1696@coventry.ac.uk 
Dr Shahzad Sarwar Research Fellow shahzad.sarwar@coventry.ac.uk 
Dr Sascha Wald Assistant Professor sascha.wald@coventry.ac.uk 
Dr Taras Yavorskyi Lecturer ab3785@coventry.ac.uk

Professional services

Name Title Email
Lorna Everall Operations Manager and Research Degrees Lead cdu181@coventry.ac.uk 
Ian Bates Technical Support ab0637@coventry.ac.uk
Humera Bhayat Research Delivery Support Assistant ac3293@coventry.ac.uk 
Zoe Gibbs Administrative Support ab3901@coventry.ac.uk 
Martin Holdsworth Technical Support ac3690@coventry.ac.uk 
Bally Sidhu Research Delivery Support Partner ab9393@coventry.ac.uk 
 Queen’s Award for Enterprise Logo
University of the year shortlisted
QS Five Star Rating 2023