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Our publications

Our research staff have a range of publications that you can access through their PURE profiles. Please select the member of staff from our staff pages.

Here is a selection of our publications. To see the full list, please visit the PURE portal.

Title Journal Author(s)
A transposon surveillance mechanism that safeguards plant male fertility during stress Nature Plants. 7, p. 34-41 8 p. (2021) Yang-Seok Lee, Robert Maple, Julius Dürr, Alexander Dawson, Saleh Tamim, Charo del Genio, Ranjith Papareddy, Anding Luo, Jonathan Lamb, Stefano Amantia, Anne Sylvester, James Birchler, Blake Meyers, Michael Nodine, Jacques Rouster, Jose Gutierrez-Marcos
Mean flow anisotropy without waves in rotating turbulence Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 889, 18 p., A37. (2020) John Brons, Peter J. Thomas, Alban Potherat
Narrative structure of A Song of Ice and Fire creates a fictional world with realistic measures of social complexity Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 11, 46, p. 28582-28588 7 p. (2020) Thomas Gessey-Jones, Colm Connaughton, Robin Dunbar, Ralph Kenna, Pádraig MacCarron, Cathal O'Conchobhair, Joseph Yose
The origin of hysteresis and memory of two-phase flow in disordered media Nature Communications Physics. 3:222, (2020) Ran Holtzman, Marco Dentz, Ramon Planet & Jordi Ortín
Alternative operational strategies for wind turbines in cold climates Renewable Energy. 145, pp.2694-2706, (2020) D. B. Stoyanov, and Jonathan Nixon
The Prism: Recursive FIR signal processing for instrumentation applications IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement. 69, 4, p. 1519-1529 11 p., 8718020, (2020) Manus P. Henry
Coriolis meter density errors induced by ambient air and fluid temperature differentials Flow Measurement and Instrumentation. 73, 8 p., 101754, (2020) Gordon Lindsay, Norman Glen, John Hay, Seyed M. Shariatipour, and Manus P. Henry
Transition between advection and inertial wave propagation in rotating turbulence Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 886, 21 p., A22. (2020) Jonathan Brons, Peter J. Thomas, Alban Potherat
A benchmark data set for two-phase Coriolis metering Flow Measurement and Instrumentation. 72, 101721, (2020) Olga L. Ibryaeva, Vyacheslav V. Barabanov, Manus P. Henry, Michael Tombs, Feibiao Zhou
Comparing information metrics for a Coupled Ornstein–Uhlenbeck Process Entropy. 21, 8, 16 p., 775. (2019) James Heseltine, Eun-jin Kim
Turbulent flow pressure losses in gasoline particulate filters SAE Int. J. Engines. 12(4):455-470, (2019) Svetlana Aleksandrova, Jonathan Saul, Marco Prantoni, Humberto Medina, Oscar Garcia-Afonso, Mark Bevan, and Stephen Benjamin
Comprehensive comparison of pore- scale models for multiphase flow in porous media. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 116(28):13799-13806, (2019) Benzhong Zhao, Christopher W. MacMinn, Bauyrzhan K. Primkulov, Yu Chen, Albert J. Valocchi, Jianlin Zhao, Qinjun Kang, Kelsey Bruning, James E. McClure, Cass T. Miller, Abbas Fakhari, Diogo Bolster, Thomas Hiller, Martin Brinkmann, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Daniel A. Cogswell, Rahul Verma, Maša Prodanović, Julien Maes, Sebastian Geiger, Morten Vassvik, Alex Hansen, Enrico Segre, Ran Holtzman, Zhibing Yang, Chao Yuan, Bruno Chareyre, and Ruben Juanes
Network analysis of the viking age in Ireland as portrayed in cogadh Gaedhel re gallaibh Royal Society Open Science. 5, 1, 21 p., 171024, (2018) Joseph Yose, Ralph Kenna, Máirín Maccarron, Pádraig Maccarron
A novel laminar kinetic energy model for the prediction of pretransitional velocity fluctuations and boundary layer transition International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow. vol. 69, pp. 150–163, (2018) Humberto Medina, Abhinivesh Beechook, Hasna Nur Fadhila, Svetlana Aleksandrova, and Stephen Benjamin
Jump rope vortex in liquid metal convection Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 115, 50, p. 1274-1279 6 p. (2018) Tobias Vogt, Susanne Horn, Alexander M. Grannan, Jonathan M. Aurnou
Large-eddy simulations of a turbulent jet impinging on a vibrating heated wall International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow. (2016) Thangam Natarajan, James Jewkes, Anthony D. Lucey, Ramesh Narayanaswamy, and Y.M. Chung
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