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Postgraduate Community

Postgraduate Community

The breadth of research activity within our centre means that we are home to a varied and dynamic research culture. Our students are very important to us, and we put them at the heart of our research in order to ensure they gain the most benefit.

Current PGR projects

Name Research Title Supervisor
Michail Akritidis Statistical Physics and Critical Phenomenon Nikolaos Fytas
Rjaa Ashraf User driven multi objective optimisation strategies for anaerobic digestion system design Jonathan Nixon
Samuel Booth Experimental PIV Analysis of Inertial Waves and Internal Energy Dissipation Mechanisms within Solid Body Rotation Alban Potherat
Alistair Collins Improving the Metering of Wet Gas using horizontally installed Venturi Meters Manus Henry
Adrian Guel Cortez Modelling and control of self-organisation in cardiovascular systems Eun-jin Kim
Emmanuel Edet Luther Gravity fingering in immiscible fluid-fluid displacement: Implications for carbon geosequestration  Ran Holtzmann
Patrick Fuller Turbulent plasma in laboratory Eun-Jin Kim
Denis Gessert Computer Simulations of Complex systems  Taras Yavorskyi
Evgeny Gorbunov Interactions in Plasma Turbulence at Kinetic Scales Eun-Jin Kim
Madeleine Janickyj Textual Analysis using Natural Language Processing Ralph Kenna
Samy Lalloz Alfvèn waves dynamics in a finite system, MHD interaction

Alban Potherat
Nicholas Pearce Novel mathematical modelling of normal and diseased human hearts

Eun-Jin Kim
Alexandros Vasilopoulos Spin Models With Random Fields Nikolaos Fytas
Tongyan Zeng Computational modelling of conformal cooling of casting tools Manus Henry
Heng Jie Choong

Novel Information – Theoretic Causality Measure: With Application in Neuroscience and Dementia

Eun-Jin Kim
Mahboobeh Fallah Impact of Soil Hydrophobicity on Flooding and Erosion Hazards Ran Holtzman
Cameron Hardy Stability and Transition in Non-Newtonian Shear Flow Chris Pringle
Ishara Herath Mudiyanselage Information-Geometric Approach to Machine Learning-Based Analysis of Physiological Time Series Eun-Jin Kim
Yulian Honchar Ordering in Complex Networking Systems

Ralph Kenna

Shreyas Kori Novel Stochastic Modelling of Force Generation on Nanoscales and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics Eun-Jin Kim

Fraser MacLellan

Predicting Urban Particulate Flows using AI-Enhance Turbulence Models

Mansour Qubeissi

Andy Manapany

High Demensional Classical and Quantum System

Ralph Kenna

Luthais McCash


Eun-Jin Kim

Leila Moueddene

Contribution To The Study Of Phase Transitions Above The Upper Critical Dimension

Ralph Kenna

Hassan Naanouh

The Implementation Of Industry 4 0 In Oil And Gas Exploration And Production

Manus Henry

Elif Oran

Characterization of blood flow in Intra-Aortic Shrouded Rotor Axial Pump

Manus Henry

Rishav Raj

Particle Transport in Turbulence: From Particulate Pipe Flows to Virus Propagation in Ventilations and Airways

Alban Potherat

Shahryar Rashidi

Reactive Transport Modelling of Co2 Trapping Mechanisms within Potential Storage Sites

Jonathan Carter

Ali Saeibehrouzi

Multiphase Flows in Engineered Porous Media

Ran Holtzman

Callum Samuels

Flow and Heat Transfer in Catalysed Gasoline Particulate Filters

Ran Holtzman

Abhiram Thiruthummal

Information Geometry of Machine Learning and its Applications

Eun-Jin Kim

Bjarne Vincent

Experimental and Numerical Study of Three Dimensional Flows Generated by Ultrasounds

Alban Potherat

Kam Gill

Student retention in Higher Education

Irene Glendinning


FCS Postgraduate Team

Lorna Everall

Operations Manager

Lorna manages the overall operation of the Centre can respond to general enquiries. Having previously supported research students across the entire institution she has an excellent working knowledge of Coventry University research student processes and systems.

James Smith and Jonathan Godsall

Research Funding and Development Manager and Co-ordinator

James and Jonathan identify research funding opportunities and reviews funding proposals. They both have outstanding knowledge of the current research funding landscape.

Bally Sidhu and Humera Bhayat

Research Delivery Support Partner and Assistant

Bally and Humera together provide project delivery support for our diverse portfolio of research projects. They ensure that research deliverables are met and projects delivered on time. They are project management experts and very knowledgeable with regards to research impact.

Zoe Gibbs

Administrative Support

Zoe provides administrative support to the Research Centre and supports research students to access internal funding.

Ian Bates and Martin Holdsworth

Technical Support

Ian and Martin help run the experiments and support the overall operation of our laboratories.
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