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This module is designed to provide students with the opportunity to conduct a study in an area of specific interest to them. The aim of the dissertation is to give students the chance to undertake an independent research at an advanced level. Students will be expected to demonstrate a complete understanding of the research process.

Course detail

  • This module gives students the opportunity to build upon their existing knowledge within the field of Physiotherapy and Dietetics by conducting a study related to a particular issue of interest.
  • Students should acquire valuable skills of conducting a supervised but independently undertaken research project.

What will students learn?

  • To design and conduct a piece of research within the field of physiotherapy or dietetics.
  • To demonstrate advanced skills in planning, information gathering and investigation.
  • To develop an appropriate research proposal that addresses a topic, hypothesis or a question of relevance to own field of practice/speciality.
  • To demonstrate the ability to support own research with appropriate methodology, design and methods.
  • To demonstrate competence in data handling and analysis.
  • To produce a Dissertation report of the conducted research written in an appropriate academic manner.

How will this course be taught

This module will be delivered mainly through self-directed study. However, the module’s content may also be delivered in the forms of course work and directed study.

Guided student activity – 10 hours

Self-guided student activity – 590 hours

Total activity – 600 hours

Entry requirements

  • Applicants must have 120 Master level credits.


  • Coursework 1:   12000-15000 word Written Dissertation (100% of module mark)

How will this course enhance my career prospects?

  • Successful completion of master degree modules can enable students/practitioners to proceed with their development as professionals within the field of their own clinical practice/speciality.
  • Upon the successful completion of this module students should possess essential qualities and knowledge to conduct an independent study within the area of their own interest in Physiotherapy or Dietetics, which can expand their career prospects.