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Aquaculture and Fisheries in Ghana and their impact on food security Project

To assess the various effects that aquaculture and fishing have on food security and poverty within Ghana.

The defence of new cultural centrality in cities of mega-events: the cultural legacy of Rio 2016 Project

The objective of this research is to analyse the importance of culture in the city planning which is an indispensable way in understanding the local identities and its history.

Measuring the Social, Making Markets: Imagining and Constructing Global markets for Social Investment Project

The project will analyse the (international) creation of social investment (SI) markets, addressing the following research objectives:

  • What ideas and discourses support the different models of an SI market?
  • How do different understandings translate into market practice?
  • How do market practices travel across space and place?

FinCris: Responsibilities, Ethics and the Financial Crisis Project

FinCris seeks to enlarge the public understanding of the financial crisis and the understanding among officials, regulatory and consumer bodies of the ethical issues raised by the crisis, specifically, how responsibilities for what has gone wrong create obligations to some of those badly affected by the crisis.

F.R.A.M.E. (facial remote activity monitoring eyewear) An inconspicuous, non-invasive, mobile sensor device for real-time control of assistive technologies through facial expression. Project

Facial paralysis results in weakness of the facial muscles, typically on one side of the face, affecting the facial function, appearance and communication of emotions. The objective of the project is to develop a working prototype and trial (through proof-of concept clinical studies) an inconspicuous, non-invasive wearable device (indistinguishable from normal spectacles) that provides discreet feedback on facial muscle movement and helps patients to continuously practise facial muscle exercises.

Impact, acceptability and cost-effectiveness of identifying infectious diseases amongst migrants in primary care Project

As part of a new strategy in Leicester, UK, people born overseas will be offered testing for certain infectious illnesses (tuberculosis, HIV and viral hepatitis) when they register with a GP in the city. We aim to find out whether offering early tests for these infectious illnesses in this way will result in GPs actually doing more tests and identifying more people with these infectious illnesses.

Peacetraining.eu Project

Strengthening the Capabilities and Training Curricula for Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Personnel with ICT-based Collaboration and Knowledge Approaches.

Breaking Bad: How transnational drug trafficking creates violent masculinities in local Caribbean communities in Port of Spain Project

To study the impact of transnational organised crime (TNOC) and drug-trafficking on poor urban communities in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. The city has seen crime and violence soar since the mid-1990s as the city became transhipment point in the illegal drugs trade. We address the impact of TNOC on vulnerable populations, culture and security by considering the ‘transnational-to-community’ impact of drug-trafficking.

Consumers and Biodiversity Offsets: Exploring Diverse Perspectives of Corporate Responsibility Project

This study explores consumers normative and ethical preferences with regards to corporate responsibility (CR), and the role of companies in the governance of nature, in order to identify diverse consumer perspectives on CR. 

Renewal, Innovation and Change: Heritage and European Society (RICHES) Project

RICHES is a research project about the change that digital technologies are bringing to our society, culture and heritage. 

Flexible ethics across space and place: A study of tourists’ ethical food consumption and the tourism industry’s response Project

This study aims to examine the flexible nature of ethical consumption by understanding how food habits change across space and place. 

COMODAL - Consumer Models for the Assisted Living Sector Project

Analysing the electronic Assisted LivingTechnology (eALT) market potential and proposing new business models to take the market forward.

(ELC) Engineering Lecture Corpus Project

The Engineering Lecture Corpus (ELC) is a growing collection of transcripts of English-medium engineering lectures from around the world. Corpus development has been assisted by a British Council PMI2 Research Cooperation grant.


ERGO WORK is a collaboration of academic and business organisations in 6 countries, to understand the barriers that disabled people face in the EU workplace and to tackle some of these through improved workplace Ergonomics.

RISING Africa Event

A workshop to discuss what are the main current challenges to sustaining peace in Africa - with African policymakers and practitioners at the ACUNS Annual Meeting.

Correlation between the Zika virus and sanitary and drainage conditions in the Metropolitan Areas of Fortaleza/Ceará (Brazil) Project

The aim of this project is to investigate the relationship between mosquito-vectored Zika, inadequate provision of secure and safe potable supplies, drainage and sanitation. 

STAR Energy: Sustainable and Replicable Off-grid Renewable Energy System for Riverside Communities in the Amazon Project

The aim of this institutional link is to design, implement and monitor a pilot low-carbon based energy solution with a sustainable business model to increase energy security, reduce environmental impact and improve economic and health indicators for one riverside community that can be scaled and replicated in other communities in the Amazon.

Soft Skills for Hard Hats Project

Soft Skills for Hard Hats project will create online, semi immersive interactive scenarios aimed at first level construction supervisors to help develop soft skills. The project focuses on 4 different soft skills: teamwork, communication, leadership and problem solving.

Exceed in Coventry Project

Exceed in Coventry is a three-year project providing tailored help and support to over 1,300 Coventry residents, enabling them to progress into education, training, job search or employment.

Microlearnings Project

Coventry University ranked 13 in the UK
Coventry University awarded TEF GOLD Teaching Excellence Framework
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