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Virtual Exhaust Prototyping System (VExPro) Project

VExPro aims to optimise the throughout of multi-disciplinary and multi-physics optimisation problems. 


WORKPLAN is a feasibilty study of an RCT of an intervention aimed at improving return to work among cancer survivors.

MESMOPROC - Maskless Electrochemical Surface Modification Process Project

Maskless Electrochemical Surface Modification Process.

WheelSense Project

WheelSense is a portable, easy to use, simple approach to measuring the stability and centre of gravity of wheelchair systems.

Access to the BAWE Corpus Project

How to search the British Academic Written English Corpus.


CARNIVAL is a research project that examines the impact of cultural and sporting ‘mega-events’, including (but not limited to) the World Cup, the Commonwealth Games, the Olympics, Mardi Gras, Glastonbury and the Rio Carnival.

Changing Attitudes Towards Dating Violence in Adolescents (CAVA) Project

The CAVA project focused on Changing Attitudes to Dating and Violence in Adolescents through the use of an immersive and engaging video game designed to appeal to young people.

The Coventry and Warwick Morphology and Phonology Project Project

This project investigates how much children use information about the internal structure of words to compensate for difficulties in phonics when reading and writing.

An economic impact tool for the community finance industry Project

The aim of this project is to create a (very) easy to use methodology and tool for the community development sector that allows a consistent, robust and real time ability to report the value of the economic impacts of community finance lending.

Emotion processing and intervention in Autism Spectrum Conditions Project

The Emotion processing and intervention in Autism Spectrum Conditions project aims to develop new innovative methods to explore how those with autism process emotions in realistic social situations. This project also aims to development new evidence based interventions to improve emotion processing skills in people with autism.

Essential features of serious games design: A critical review and game pedagogic planner Project

The study aims to provide guidance on design of serious games that reflects the principles underpinning learning design. 

Exploring Understanding of Sexual Consent Amongst Young People Project

The overall aim of this research was to explore young people’s views on sexual consent, investigating how contexts affect the understanding and ability to consent, and beginning to explore the influence of social differences on attitudes towards consent.

Faith Based Conflict Prevention Project

The aim of this project is to understand the role of churches and other faith groups in helping to spot early signs of violence and to stop it from happening. Examples in Nigeria and the Solomon Islands will be observed. 

Fundamental Movement Skills, Physical Activity and Obesity in British Children Project

Dr Michael Duncan's project to understand how early development of fundamental movement skills might impact on physical activity and body fatness in British children.

EcoDry - Presentations Project

Presentations from the first international EcoDry workshop, held at Coventry University in May 2014. 

ALERT Project

The ALERT conservation/psychology project is a multidisciplinary project concerning both theoretical and applied research, working with both lions and people, led by Dr. Jackie Abell.

Amman Message Project Project

Working across Jordan, the wider Arab region and Europe, CTPSR and partners have embarked upon a two-year project to support and enhance the work of the Amman Message – a landmark statement which seeks to clarify the true essence of Islam in the world – in addressing contemporary concerns surrounding peaceful co-existence, both between and within faiths.

CASSANDRA – A multivariate platform for assessing the impact of strategic decisions in electrical power systems Project

CASSANDRA – A multivariate platform for assessing the impact of strategic decisions in electrical power systems.

Cloud E-learning in Mechatronics (CLEM) Project

Cloud E-learning in Mechatronics (CLEM) - promoting the study of Mechatronics throughout Europe, enabling more people to do this through the use of Cloud technology.

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