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Financial citizenship: building financial security, capability and inclusion in communities Project

This research project will explore the concept of ‘financial citizenship’ and the extent to which credit unions are able to secure financial inclusion, financial capability and financial security of their members.  

Empires in Metal: Corporate Political Activity and Business-Government Relations under “Anglo-Saxon Capitalism” Project

This project explores business-government relations and the political activities of leading firms by drawing on historical 'Anglo-Saxon' case studies.

Online Space, Reconnection and Alternative Food Networks Project

Spaces of ‘alternative’ and ‘local’ food production and consumption have been the subject of considerable interest within agri-food research and policy making circles in recent decades. This project explored how online space is used by a range of Alternative Food Networks (AFNs) in Coventry and Warwickshire.  

Evaluation of the Master Gardener programme at Rye Hill prison: A horticultural intervention with substance misusing offenders Project

Exploring prisoners’ personal experiences of engaging in the horticultural intervention and understanding the processes by which the intervention is provided. 

Consumers and Biodiversity Offsets: Exploring Diverse Perspectives of Corporate Responsibility Project

This study explores consumers normative and ethical preferences with regards to corporate responsibility (CR), and the role of companies in the governance of nature, in order to identify diverse consumer perspectives on CR. 

The Effects of Yoga & Meditation in a Prison Environment Project

The Effects of Yoga & Meditation in a Prison Environment is a study by Dr Miguel Farias, exploring how prisoners can benefit positiviely from meditative practices. 

Sleep and Early Cognitive Development in Down Syndrome Project

The Sleep and Early Cognitive Development in Down Syndrome study explores the relationship between sleep and early cognitive development in young children with Down syndrome.

Measuring the Social, Making Markets: Imagining and Constructing Global markets for Social Investment Project

The project will analyse the (international) creation of social investment (SI) markets, addressing the following research objectives:

  • What ideas and discourses support the different models of an SI market?
  • How do different understandings translate into market practice?
  • How do market practices travel across space and place?

B-Skills Project

The ultimate aim of this intervention is to empower mothers to breastfeed for as long as they wish. An associated increase in breastfeeding duration would result in reduced incidence of maternal and infant disease.

Arts Based Approaches to Consumer Research Project

This evolving area of research aims to explore the value of arts-based approaches in enabling consumers, marketing researchers and other relevant stakeholder groups to engage in dialogues and devise solutions to diverse consumption issues.

Capturing Stillness: Visualisations of Dance Through Motion Capture Project

The Capturing Stillness project places a microscope on the dance practice Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT), in combination with motion capture and game engine technologies.

Bark and Butterflies Project

Bark and Butterflies is an audio visual installation produced by Adrian Palka in collaboration with Wolfram Spyra and Roksana Vykyaluk. 

Developing UK Motorsport: A Supply Chain Analysis Project

This project maps the supply chains of three areas of motorsport – Formula One, Formula E and Endurance Sports Car Racing – to identify strengths, weaknesses and local economic growth opportunities which may be targeted for economic development support by Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), UKTI and BIS. 

Digital Environment Home Energy Management System (DEHEMS) Project

DEHEMS aims to help Europe to achieve its carbon reduction targets by supporting households in reducing their energy usage through better analysis and management of their energy consumption.

EcoDry Project

Eco-Dry is a 4-year €560,000 IRSES FP7 project that aims to enhance understanding and share knowledge on agroecological strategies to build the resilience of farming systems in dryland and drought situations.

The Liver App Project Project

The MyLiver app has been designed by medical and health professionals to directly benefit young people with liver disease. 

S.E.N.D. Evaluation Project

This project has been designed to measure the improved engagement of local children’s palliative care providers in the reform of SEND in England.

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