The dynamics of sustainability risks in the global coffee supply chain: a case of Indonesia-UK

UK-Indonesia supply chain
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Monday 18 January 2021

01:00 PM - 02:30 PM


Online, Microsoft Teams Event

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Dr Mahdi Bashiri


Indonesia is a leading global coffee producer, and the sustainability of its coffee supply chains is therefore of crucial importance for the coffee sector but also the thousands of livelihoods involved. Recognising sustainability risks within supply chains is an important component of understanding logistics. This research investigated the sustainability risks in the Indonesia-UK coffee supply chain by using System Dynamics. The model parameters and other components of the dynamic model were extracted through interviews with key stakeholders in the coffee supply chain, supported by evidence from a literature review. The model was then verified and validated in different stages, before being used to investigate five different what-if scenarios to consider changes to parameters in the system. The results of this investigation demonstrate the importance of improving agricultural productivity to support a sustainable supply chain. In doing so, the research confirms that using a combination of a system dynamics model and a multiple criteria decision-making tool is effective for understanding issues affecting the coffee supply chain.  

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