Promoting agroecology and community water resources management in the tropics - lessons

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Thursday 21 January 2021

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM





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Rose has a lifetime commitment to sustainable agriculture and forest management in Ireland and globally. She designed and is embedding an agro ecological approach in twelve Trócaire country programmes. She has spent over thirty years’ formulating, implementing and monitoring participatory rural development, sustainable agriculture and communal natural resource management programmes with multilateral, bilateral and national partners in coastal, forest, freshwater wetlands and agro-ecosystems. Rose holds a Master’s degree in Agriculture Science from University College Dublin, Ireland and a Masters in Environmental Education from Rhodes University, South Africa. She lives in a self-sown broad-leaved woodland holding in South Galway, Ireland which gives her fuelwood, fruit, nuts and pleasure.


Promoting gender-sensitive sustainable agriculture and natural resources use in development and environment organisations who are driven by donors interest, diplomatic dilemmas and short–term timescales can be challenging. This is a personal presentation of such experiences since the 1980s, mainly in Africa. Methods, challenges, lessons learnt, ideas for research and action will be covered.