About us

The Centre for Postdigital Cultures (CPC), a disruptive iteration of the Centre for Disruptive Media (http://disruptivemedia.org.uk), brings together media theorists, practitioners, activists and artists. It draws on cross-disciplinary ideas associated with open and disruptive media, the posthuman, the posthumanities, the Anthropocene and the Capitalocene to help both 21st century society and the university respond to the challenges they face in relation to the digital at a global, national and local level. In particular, the CPC endeavours to promote the transformation to a more socially just and sustainable ‘post-capitalist’ knowledge economy.

To this end, the CPC’s research includes projects funded by Jisc, the National Lottery Fund, the EU, and the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Members of the CPC are involved in editing peer-reviewed journals such as Cultural Studies and Culture Machine, and in developing innovative organisations such as Open Humanities Press and the Radical Open Access Collective.


 Lynn Clouder Thumbnail

Professor Gary Hall (Executive Director)

Media and performing arts

 Jacqueline Cawston

Jacqueline Cawston

Deputy Director

 Janneke Adema Thumbnail

Janneke Adema

Material-discursive practices of scholarly research and communication

 Dr. Sarah Merry Thumbnail

Dr. Sarah Merry

Educational practice

 Cathryn Thompson-Goodwin Thumbnail

Cathryn Thompson-Goodwin

Creativity and culture

 Dr Shaun Hides Thumbnail

Dr Shaun Hides

Communication culture and media

 Dr. Adrienne Evans Thumbnail

Dr. Adrienne Evans

Gender organises personal, social, intimate and cultural relationships

 Dr. Emma Moreton Thumbnail

Dr. Emma Moreton

Corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, migrant correspondence, business correspondence, metadata

Dr Valeria Graziano thumbnail

Dr. Valeria Graziano

Critical theory

 Miriam De Rosa Thumbnail

Miriam De Rosa

Cinema and media

 Dr. Sylvester Arnab Thumbnail

Dr. Sylvester Arnab

Game-based research and innovation

 Professor Jonathan Shaw Thumbnail

Professor Jonathan Shaw

Photography and Media

 Tomislav Medak Thumbnail

Tomislav Medak

Technologies, capitalist development and post-capitalist transition

 Dr. Luca Morini

Nada Akl

PhD Student

 Priya Rajasekar

Priya Rajasekar

PhD Student

 Olivia Llewellyn

Olivia Llewellyn

PhD Student


Rachael Allen


Esmé Spurling


Peter Conlin


Matthew Gonzalez-Noda

PhD Student


Emmylou Laird

PhD Student


Darren Berkland

PhD Student


Bianca Wright


Petros Lameras


Jurji Smrke

PhD Student