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About us

The Centre for Postdigital Cultures was launched in February 2018. We bring together postdigital media theorists, practitioners, activists and artists from more than 15 countries speaking more than 20 languages. By drawing on transdisciplinary ideas associated with open, disruptive and immersive media, feminism, the posthuman, and the politics of care, we endeavour to help 21st century society and its cultural institutions (galleries, libraries, archives, museums, etc.) respond to the challenges faced in relation to the digital at a global, national and local level. 

Researchers in the CPC adopt an innovative stance to exploring digital culture. It is our position that the “digital” cannot be understood as a separate domain of culture. If we actually examine the digital - rather than taking it for granted we already know what it means - we see that today digital information processing is present in every aspect of our lives. This includes our global communication, entertainment, education, energy, banking, health, transport, manufacturing, food, and water-supply systems. Attention therefore needs to turn from “the digital”, to the various overlapping processes and infrastructures that shape and organise it, along with those that the digital helps to shape and organise in turn. This is what we mean by ‘postdigital’.

Our research centre investigates and reimagines such enmeshed models of culture, society, and the creative economy for the 21st century postdigital world. We are interested in how we are born out of our relation to media – as opposed to seeing media simply as external instruments or tools, the latter being the classical Aristotelian view that has dominated our understanding of media technologies to date. 

Our key strategic objectives

The CPC will:

  • Produce world class research in both theoretical and practice-applied humanities
  • Create a sustainable research environment to support the centre's activities
  • Grow our international CPC community
  • Disseminate and celebrate our research findings
  • We have as our vision working toward the establishment of a more socially just and sustainable ‘postcapitalist’ society. By means of an interdisciplinary research agenda that extends from computing science, through the social sciences and humanities, to open education, political activism and art practice, we will explore how intellectual, community and civic engagement can prefigure different ways of being together. 

    We will utilise contemporary art practices and techniques of cultural production for social change, experimenting with horizontal and decentralised ways of working and organising, using the distributed web and related technologies to create new infrastructures.

    To this end our vision of the Centre for Postdigital Cultures is an ideas foundry for imagining, creating and co-creating a post-digital world.

  • We aim to create world-leading impactful research by critically and creatively experimenting with existing practices in the digital arts and humanities, and by re-evaluating and re-contextualising our relationships with postdigital cultures and societies. We will nourish international networks and contribute to communities of practice in a social context to support and enable processes, tools, technologies and infrastructures that contribute to a more just and equitable postcapitalist society.

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