About us

About us

The Centre for Global Learning: Education and Attainment (GLEA) aims to impact positively and ethically on teaching and learning across the higher education sector, and beyond, by engaging with high quality research and influencing policy and practice.

The centre's focus is around the interface of two main themes:


This theme focuses on how higher education institutions are integrating an intercultural and global dimension into the purpose, functions, design and delivery of learning experiences and the impact that this has on students.

This involves conducting research on the effects of strategies, initiatives and practices aiming to develop intercultural engagement (based on knowledge, attitudes and skills) and a global outlook among students and staff. More generally, it requires looking at the role that intercultural dialogue plays in addressing global issues and inequalities within society.

Research areas:

  • Interculturality in teaching and learning
  • Internationalising the curriculum; building capacity and quality into course design and pedagogical practices
  • International collaborations and our capacity to influence transnational education in its broadest sense
  • Inclusive education
  • Decolonisation
  • Capacity building


This theme focuses on researching the systematic and strategic approaches to addressing differential student outcomes in higher education. The nature of this theme means that students from disadvantaged groups will be more represented and supported.

Research areas:

  • The role of learner analytics in supporting student success
  • Understanding why disparity of attainment is so stubborn
  • Exploring the impact of policy, measures and rewards in encouraging widening participation and equity of attainment
  • Challenges and solutions for disadvantages students (protected characteristics)
  • Student mental health and wellbeing

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