FCS PhD Students

We have a number of students completing their PhD in the area of Fluid and Complex Systems. 

Name Title of project Supervisor
Nathaniel Baker Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence Prof Alban Potherat
Jonathan Brons The Transition between two and three-dimensional turbulences under the effect of background rotation Prof Alban Potherat
Gaobo Chen Modelling and Optimisation of a Solar Drying Facility Dr James Brusey
Ross Drury Applying particle filter techniques to multi-phase flow measurement Dr James Brusey
Kojo Gyamfi Intelligent approaches to condition-based flow-meter management Dr James Brusey
Richard Looney Mathematical modelling of contactless electromagnetic flow meters for liquid metals Dr Janis Priede
Nicolas Merlinge New approaches of distributed model predictive control with particle filtering for UAV formation flight Dr James Brusey
Suzzy Nsiegbe The strategic benefits of an industrialized 21st Nigeria: the development of a strategic and operational framework for business improvement, and economic growth and development in the oil and gas and other major sectors in Nigeria Dr Richard Anderson
Michael Onoja The evaluation of cap-rock integrity in the storage of CO2 in a shale trapped sandstone reservoir Dr Seyed Shariatipour
Gene Palencia Design and implementation of low cost sensor of WSN for agricultural applications Prof Elena Gaura
Alexandra Petre STRIVE PROJECT– Development of  User-Feedback and Guidance for a Reinforcement Learning  Based Control System in Order to Improve Thermal Comfort Dr James Brusey
Edy Putra An Automated Treatment System for Diabetes Type-I Patient Using Multiple Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Sensors Using Machine Learning Approach Dr James Brusey
Anthony Rouquier Numerical fluid mechanics on the transition to turbulence in flows with liquid and solid phases, application to the optimization of flow rate measurements in oil pipes Dr Chris Pringle
Sanjay Singh  Experimental study of the transition to turbulence in particulate pipe flows Prof Alban Potherat