FCS PhD Students

We have a number of students completing their PhD in the area of Fluid and Complex Systems. 

Name Thesis Title Director of Studies
Craig Dickson Marshall Development of a Hybrid Flow Measurement Device fir High Viscosity Fluid Damien Foster
Christopher Mills Improving Pressure Loss Estimations from Theoretical Models by Utilising a Fully Traceable Facility with Low Measurement Uncertainly Janis Priede
Suzzy Oroma Nsiegbe The Strategic Benefits of an Industrialized 21st Nigeria: The Development of a Strategic and Operational … Richard Anderson
Gaobo Chen Modelling and Optimisation of a Solar Drying Facility James Brusey
Gene Fe Palencia Design and Implementation of Low Cost Sensor of WSN for Agricultural Applications James Brusey 
Gerasimos Politis Nonlinear Shallow-water Model for Interfacial Instabilities in Aluminium Reduction Cells Janis Priede
Sanjay Singh Experimental study of the transition to turbulence in particulate pipe flows Alban Potherat
Argyro Mainou Nikolaos Fytas
Yessica Alexandra Arellano-Prieto Advanced oil-water separation monitoring through Magnetic Induction Tomography Olivier Hass
Raguram Nagarajan Advanced Turbulent Combustion Modelling of Stationary Gas-Turbines with Alternative Gaseous Fuels Mansour Qubeissi
Mahdi Sadri Improving Oil and Gas Recovery Through Optimal Flow Measurement Seyed Shariatipour
Dimitar Stoyanov Wind turbine icing and evaluation Jonathan Nixon
Lawrence Thomas Experimental Study and Numerical Modelling of High-Viscous Oil-Water Two-Phase Flow with Industrial Process Enobong Bassey
Masoud Ahmadinia Analytical Calculations and Numerical Simulation of the Effect of the Top Surface CCS Seyed Shariatipour
Mohsen Abbaszadeh Monitoring techniques for CO2-brine dissolution in wellbore Augustine Ifelebuegu
Dzariff Bin Zainal Abidin Novel remote interrogation technique for flow measurements in a subsea environment using optical fibre technology James Griffin
Alisson Vinicius Brito Lopes Advanced modelling of turbulent spray flames in aero gas-turbines with liquid bio-fuels Nwabueze Emekwuru
Alistair Collins Improving the Metering of Wet Gas using horizontally installed Venturi Meters Erdal Turkbeyler
Theresa Leonard Multiphase Flow Measurement in Complex Heavy Oil & Emulsified Flows – Challenges and Best Practice Elena Gaura
Azadeh Pourmalek Structural Trapping Mechanism in CO2 Storage Capacity and Security Adrian Wood
Mohammadreza Bagheri  Numerical and experimental analysis of CO2 leakage through well cements Seyed Shariatipour
Emmanuel Edet Luther Gravity fingering in immiscible fluid-fluid displacement: Implications for carbon geosequestration  Michael Dallaston
Malambage Pubudu Gayan Sirimanna Solar thermal power systems modelling and optimisation Jonathan Nixon
Michail Akritidis Statistical Physics and Critical Phenomenon Martin Weigel
Daniel Babalola Bammeke Micro-grid management and control systems providing better energy solutions for refugees Jonathon Nixon
Tongyan Zeng Computational modelling of conformal cooling of casting tools James Jewkes
Rjaa Ashraf User driven multi objective optimisation strategies for anaerobic digestion system design Jonathan Nixon
Evgeny Gorbunov Interactions in Plasma Turbulence at Kinetic Scales Bogdan Teaca
Madeleine Janickyj Textual Analysis using Natural Language Processing Ralph Kenna
Adrian Guel Cortez Modelling and control of self-organisation in cardiovascular systems Eun-jin Kim
James Harrison Non-equilibrium Statistical Theory and
Information Geometry
Eun-jin Kim