Centre for Flow Measurement and Fluid Mechanics Staff List

 Professor Elena Gaura Thumbnail

 Professor Elena Gaura

 Advanced measurement systems, wireless sensor networks, fault detection/management, intelligent sensors

 Professor Alban Potherat Thumbnail

 Professor Alban Potherat

 Fluid Mechanics

 Dr. James Brusey

 Dr. James Brusey

 Pervasive computing

 David Curran

 Dr. Rogerio Ramos

 Sensors, instrumentation, optics, optical fibre, oil field, oil and gas engineering, flow measurements

 Dr. Chris Pringle

 Dr. Chris Pringle

 Fluid dynamics, stability and transition to turbulence

 Dr. Janis Priede

 Dr. Janis Priede

 Asymptotic boundary layer solutions, boundary integral methods, electromagnetic velocimetry

 Dr. Dibin Zhu

 Dr. Dibin Zhu

 Electronic engineering

 Dr. Bogdan Teaca

 Dr. Bogdan Teaca

 Magnetohydrodynamics, turbulence and nonlinear fluid dynamics

 Dr. Ross Wilkins Thumbnail

 Dr. Ross Wilkins

 Wireless sensor networks, internet of things, data science

 Dr. Ross Wilkins Thumbnail

 Dr. Seyed Shariatipour

 Reservoir simulation, CO2 storage in saline aquifers, CO2 enhanced oil recovery

 Soroush Abolfathi Thumbnail

 Dr. Soroush Abolfathi

 Science and technology, politics and society, computational fluid dynamics, turbulence

 Dr. Ebrahim Abtahizadeh Thumbnail

 Dr. Ebrahim Abtahizadeh

 Turbulent combustion, RANS, LES and DNS of turbulent flows, advanced propulsion systems, CFD, HPC

 Dr. Hamid Sarlak Chivaee Thumbnail

 Dr. Hamid Sarlak Chivaee

 Fluid dynamics, turbulence modelling, multiphase flows, high performance computing