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Data, Organisations and Society

Focus of our research

The exponential increase in data availability in the last decade has led to a digital universe that doubles every two years, with an expected 50-fold growth of the cyberspace between 2010 to 2020. Data and data analytics have become the foundations of disruptive change in a networked business environment. Every aspect of society, from the workplace to the marketplace, to the way people live, communicate and learn, is being transformed by the acquisition and analysis of data and their transformation into actionable insight.

However, there are also challenges embedded in the processes of data-driven decision-making. The implications of big data’s size and relevance, the space where data come from, and the timeliness of data collection and analysis processes, are only beginning to be understood. Organisations must move quickly to understand those processes and adapt. Citisens need to play a more active role in the process of sharing their data, so they have a clearer appreciation of the privacy implications, and are better ableto benefit from the results. The ability of the public sector, government bodies, community organisations and the popular news media to balance the advantages and disadvantages of data collection, its analysis and the resulting decision-making alsoneeds to be developed.

As the growth and potential of big data continue to explode, so does the need for a better understanding of the opportunities this new phenomenon provides. Deeper insight into big data’s impact in areas such as marketing, strategy and innovation across a range of sectors is needed, as well as the business, ethical, social, privacy and security challenges it poses. The cluster adopts a cross-disciplinary approach to research examining this explosion of data and its implications for organisations and society. The aim is to undertake theoretically rigorous and practically relevant research to contribute to knowledge and help shape policy and practice in relation to data, organisations and society.

Core Cluster Themes

Three themes comprise this cluster’s interests:

  1. Data and strategy
  2. Data and the digital economy
  3. Data and society

Read more in our Research Cluster Brochure.


The Coventry University Research Blog (CURB) is a great way to stay up to date with some of the ground-breaking projects being conducted by our team of expert researchers here at CBiS. Below are a few recently published articles to give you a taster. Head over to CURB to find out more

PhD Opportunities

The Data, Organisations and Society Cluster encourages applications from prospective doctoral students.  We are working to lead research on the impact of the digital environment on business and society. Challenges and opportunities related to the use of Big Data, digital and analytics as a driver of innovation, business strategy development and new business models. Issues such as privacy, trust and data protection, related to the creation, use, management and disposal of data in society are also essential. 

We welcome PhD application that focus on the following themes:

  • Data and Strategy: Projects that focus on the use of big data, digital and analytics as a driver of innovation, business strategy development and new business models.
  • Data and the Digital Economy: Projects that consider the uses of personal data in the digital economy and its implications and challenges for organisations. Particular areas of interest include: (1) the use of big data in fields such as marketing (e.g. behaviour change, market segmentation and social marketing), sustainability and strategy; and (2) privacy issues emerging from the routine collection and storage of personal data by businesses.
  • Data and Society: Projects that address the challenges around data, including privacy and trust, from the perspective of the individual and society.  Proposals that highlight the importance of cyber security management are of interest, but these should focus on the managerial and societal impact of data rather than on the technical aspects.

For all enquiries in the first instance, please contact Professor Maureen Meadows (, Professor Sally Dibb ( or Dr Alexeis Garcia-Perez (

Guidance on Coventry University’s PGR eligibility and application process can be found here.

More detail on the Centre for Business in Society can be found here or contact the Centre’s PGR Director, Dr Jason Begley (

Self-funding or corporately sponsored PhD applications are always welcome. Some fees-only bursaries and full studentships might be available on a competitive basis.