CODESMA - COnstruction and DEmolition waste management training for Site MAnagers


EU Commission




Coventry Univerity, UK, Vilniaus Statybininku Rengimo Centras (VSRC), Vilnius, Lithuania Hellenic Society for the Promotion of Research and Development Methodologies (PROMEA), Athens, Greece, Bildungszentren des Baugewerbes e.V. (BZB), Krefeld, Germany, Polskie Stowarzyszenie Menedżerów Budownictwa (PSMB), Warsaw, Poland


Stephen Austin, Amela Bogdanovic, Janet Campbell, Ben Vivian, Andy Reid, Faye Brown, Gurjinder Sahota


The project aims to support Vocational Education and Training (VET) provision for site managers in C&D waste by: addressing modern training needs in accordance with EU priorities regarding waste management, and developing Open Educational Resources (OERs) that ensure easy and free access to on-line training and certification. The project forms a strategic partnership that brings together actors from both education (dynamic VET providers for the construction sector in the partnership countries) and employment (major construction industry stakeholders). Following this aim, the project will develop an innovative course on construction and demolition (C&D) waste management, to support site managers to address modern skills needs with regards to environmental sustainability awareness, knowledge, supervision and site organisation competences.

Main objectives:

  • Develop relevant learning outcomes and a modular course to address C&D waste management skills needs as regards identification, separation & collection at source.
  • Introduce open-access training methods in the field (OERs and a Vocational Open Online Course – VOOC).
  • Promote a framework for the integration of C&D waste management skills into EU certification and standardisation schemes.

CODESMA - COnstruction and DEmolition waste management training for Site MAnagers is a result of a successful bid to 2017 Call for Erasmus+ KA2 –Cooperation for innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices, Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training. The project consortium consists of 5 European partners from the UK, Poland, Germany, Greece and Lithuania, and with Coventry Univeristy as the project lead and coordinator.

The partnership comprises 5 organisations from 5 countries from the  world of VET, the construction industry, and research experts. Coventry  University (COVUNI) conducts R&D and provides education and training  for the construction industry in the UK. The Polish Association of Building  Managers (PSMB) represents the construction managers’ sector needs  at national and EU-wide level. The Hellenic Society for the Promotion of  Research and Development Methodologies (PROMEA) is an expert in  innovative VET methodologies and VOOC development. The  Bildungszentren des Baugewerbes e.V. (BZB) and the Vilnius Builders  Training Centre (VSRC) are specialising in developing highly relevant,  job-specific VET programs and courses. 

The CODESMA project is expected to have the following impact and long  term benefits.

  • Promote the participation of a growing number of VET learners  using the CODESMA OERs and VOOC through dissemination,  exploitation and maintenance activities for three years after the  project’s completion, based on partners' own effort.
  • Support at least 20 VET providers across the EU to enhance new  training programs by integrating the CODESMA outputs.
  • Further maturing of certification & accreditation policies, as a result  of the developed framework or the integration of C&D waste  management skills into EU certification and standardisation  schemes, and in particular via the distribution and circulation of the  CODESMA position paper to authorities and policy makers.
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