MicroLearnings for trainers and teachers in VET systems


EU Commission 


€268 421.00


ibis acam Bildungs GmbH, Vienna, Austria, NeuKurs, Vienna, Austria, Coventry Univerity, UK, Orange Hill, Krakow, Poland and Leno, Nailloux, France.


Stephen Austin, Amela Bogdanovic, Adelina Manea, Andy Reid, Thomas Longstaff, Wendy Redhead and Gurjinder Sahota.


The “MicroLearnings for trainers and teachers in VET systems objective is to produce the training material to address some of the soft skills apprentices require as well as helping trainers to understand learning needs and expectations of the new generation.

The organisation of the training material is an innovative MicroLearning format, with small learning units addressing a specific question within the topic, (in video, audio clips and transfer materials). Each topic will consist of 20-25 video/audio clips of 1-3 minutes in length. All material will be available as a free on line educational resource in 4 languages (English, French, German and Polish).



“MicroLearnings for trainers and teachers in VET systems” is a result of a successful bid to 2015 Call for Erasmus+ KA2 –Cooperation for innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices, Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training. The project consortium consists of 5 European partners from the UK, Poland, Austria and France, and with ibis acam from Austria as the project lead and coordinator. Most of the project partners have successfully cooperated on another EU funded project before, CoLa project.

The project is focusing on 5 topics and each partner is responsible for drafting the content of one intellectual output

IO1 Knowledge Transfer- NeuKurs, Austria

IO2 Leadership and Organisational Culture – Coventry University, UK

IO3 Leadership and Working with Young Generation – Orange Hill, Poland

IO4 How to Find and Develop Apprentices – Leno, France

IO5 Conflict and Resolution in VET – ibis acam, Austria

Apart from drafting the content for IO2 – Coventry University was responsible for overall production on IO2 and IO4 as well as designing and maintaining the project’s website. The production involved filming video clips in four languages and then editing them with the addition of appropriate inserts, graphics and animations. IO output also includes audio files and supporting download materials in all partner’s languages. The project material produced is a useful tool for various sectors and Coventry University will use it within their Integrated Modules teaching. Some other project partners have expressed interest in the commercial marketing and use of the project output with existing and new clients.

Coventry University ranked 15 in the UK
Coventry University awarded TEF GOLD Teaching Excellence Framework
University of the year for student experience
QS Five Star Rating 2019
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