Wildpluk: Promoting sustainable harvesting of wild foliage

Wild harvested foliage products are a significant component of the overall cut‐flower industry, with international exports being worth around $0.75bn.

Developing a Needs Assessment Plan for Self-Management of Adult ADHD

New research and awareness of ADHD symptoms outside of the socially recognised ‘physical hyperactivity’ presentations of the condition, has led to adults being ‘missed’ in childhood or misdiagnosed with anxiety and depression throughout life.

Service Evaluation of Lifestyle Clinics

Due to the limited examination of lifestyle clinics this research involves conducting a mixed-methods service evaluation of lifestyle clinics in Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire.

New technology aims to save lives and prevent problems post-surgery

This study presents an opportunity to reduce the global risk of serious complications following cardiac and vascular surgery by making continuous patient monitoring and virtual support, from hospital to home, a reality.

British Academy Innovation Fellowship: Local Policy Innovation Partnerships and Cultural Infrastructure

Centre for Creative Economies researcher Victoria Barker has been awarded a one-year Fellowship award, partnered with the Local Policy Innovation Partnership (LPIP) Strategic Coordination Hub.

Literacy development: a review of the evidence

Literacy development: a review of the evidence

Launchpads Cluster Management - Immersive Future CW: Paving the Way for Coventry & Warwickshire's Creative Tomorrow

Innovate UK have funded 11 Launchpads across the country aimed at supporting clusters of innovative small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to progress their ideas toward commercialisation, contributing to local economic growth.