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Global Inequalities and Development

Global Inequalities and Development

The Global Inequalities and Development Research Group is a multi-disciplinary and multi-national group of researchers who share a desire to better understand the world in order to achieve progressive social change.

We undertake research in most developing regions of the world and make linkages to issues of poverty, inequality and oppression in the so-called developed world.

About our group

The Global Inequalities and Development researchers examine various structural inequalities such as those based on gender and class, and on access to education and natural resources. We are interested in how people, especially youth and those from oppressed and marginalised groups, build trust, organise and mobilise against such inequalities and unjust power relations in their struggles for human rights, justice, representation and democracy. Such interests are reflected in our own research approaches and methods. For instance, we engage in action research and the co-production of knowledge with research participants, aiming to achieve practical applications of our findings in socially transformative ways.

We have a strong focus on migration and displacement hosting the world’s largest migration research project, the GCRF-funded South-South Migration, Inequality and Development (MIDEQ) Hub. Working with international partners in 12 countries, MIDEQ undertakes research and policy analysis aimed at reducing inequalities associated with migration and securing rights and development for migrants, their families and the wider communities of which they are a part.

The Team

Gordon Crawford portrait

Gordon Crawford, Professor, Research Group Co-Leader

Global development, human rights, democratisation, civil society and small-scale mining
Heaven Crawley portrait

Heaven Crawley, Professor, Research Group Co-Leader

South-South migration, inequality, refugee protection, gender, migrant journeys, policymaking, decolonisation
Saheira (Helia Sha) portrait

Saheira Haliel, Research Fellow

Disaster management, Disaster risk reduction (DRR), catastrophe insurance, education in disaster and conflict.
Brian Ikeaju portrait

Brian-Vincent Ikejiaku, Assistant Professor

Conflict,[in]security & governance, law/rule of law and global development
Katharine Jones portrait

Katharine Jones, Associate Professor

Recruiters; Labour migration; Migration industry; Refugees and asylum; Migration intermediaries
Esra Kaytaz portrait

Esra Kaytaz, Research Fellow

Migrant decision-making, migrant journeys, immigration detention, risk and migration and Afghan migration
Zainab Mai-Bornu portrait

Zainab Mai-Bornu, Research Fellow

Nonviolence and violence in conflict, natural resources, inequalities, gender, development
Chas Morrison portrait

Chas Morrison, Assistant Professor

Conflict legacies, disasters, civil society, religion in conflict
Jessica Northey portrait

Jessica Northey, Assistant Professor

Civil society, democracy, natural resource governance, Africa, Algeria
Ezechiel Sentama portrait

Ezechiel Sentama, Assistant Professor

Reconciliation, transitional justice, peace and conflict, resistance.
Laura Sulin portrait

Laura Sulin, Researcher

UN Women, Peace and Security framework, gender, civil society
Miho Taka portrait

Miho Taka, Assistant Professor

Peace and conflict, natural resources and sustainability, responsible supply chain, education in emergencies

Project Spotlight



The innovative Briefcase project is a European wide initiative to educate more about minerals through hands-on experience, specifically targeting 6-14 year old students and their teachers


Fish for Export

This project produces recommendations to help brand-owners, buyers and suppliers better understand where and how to address labour abuse risks within supply chains in Indonesia


Imagining the Future

The programme represents an important investigation into how to better support Algerian youth in policy and decision making around the environment, and sustainable livelihoods.



The UKRI GCRF South-South Migration, Inequality and Development Hub (MIDEQ) has the potential to reduce poverty and inequality and create opportunities for decent work, in turn contributing to the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.



The South East Asia Resilience Hub (SEARCH) Network contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community elements to build coastal communities’ resiliency.


Voices from 'Ground Zero'

The research aims to contribute to understanding of the ‘Anglophone conflict’ and its peaceful resolution.

Past Events

Covid19: consequences for global inequalities and prospects for development
Wednesday 18th November 2020 12.30
Jointly hosted by the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University and the Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath.

The Humanitarian Engineering and Energy for Displacement (HEED) project Conference 
Coventry, 1 July 2020
HEED hosted a free one day conference to share and debate HEED’s findings on designs and community co-design processes and planning tools for sustainable energy interventions, as well as the data and evidence base built during the project.

DSA2020: New Leadership for Global Challenges (virtual conference)
University of Birmingham, 17-19 June 2020
Panel 29, The intersection of participatory methodologies and knowledge production
Convenors: Gordon Crawford and Zainab Mai-Bornu

Participatory Visual Research in Practice: Examples from South Africa and Nigeria
Coventry, 4th March 2020
CTPSR Seminar series

Algeria: Nation, Culture and Transnationalism
Coventry, 4th December 2019
CTPSR Seminar series debate

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