Materials Science

Materials Science


Our materials research focuses on safety-critical applications and the fundamental scientific knowledge required to assure and improve safety. 

We work on novel design concepts, characterization of materials properties, development of novel analytical and processing techniques and fundamental mechanistic understanding for improvement in lifetime. By understanding in-service material behaviour, we support our industrial partners in producing superior and more cost-effective products with longer lifespans. 

Our largest research area is Structural Integrity where we:

  • Study the response of materials for aerospace and energy applications
  • Apply novel treatments such as laser shock peening to make materials more durable in-service
  • Use advanced instrumentation to for materials characterization

The Materials Mechanics Measurement group researches:

  • Techniques for measuring material properties from nano-indentation
  • Atomic force microscopy to open up the possibilities of non-destructive measurement of materials properties and the generation of nano-engineered materials

Areas of research

Structural Integrity

Expertise in this area lies in the successful delivery of research into materials and structural integrity for enhanced product performance. 

Materials, Mechanics and Measurements

Our expertise supports industry via a cohesive approach to the supply chain. We focus on both the mechanical properties of the materials themselves and production methods to facilitate the development of stronger, safer and more sustainable components.

Our team

Materials Engineering and Structural Integrity Materials, Mechanics and Measurements
Group leader: Professor Xiang Zhang Group leader: Professor Nigel Jennett
Group leader: Professor Alex Chroneos Dr Mingwen Bai
Group leader: Professor Mike Fitzpatrick Professor Richard Dashwood
Dr Ali Daraji Dr Vit Janik
Dr James Griffin  
Dr Saeid Hadidimoud  
Dr John Karadelis  
Dr A Khadar Syed  
Dr M Kashif Khan  
Dr Stuart Lemanski  
Dr Messaoud Saidani  
Dr Lin Wang  
Dr Stavros Christopoulos  
Dr Nicolas Kelaidis  
Dr Navaratnarajah Kuganathan  
Dr David Parfitt  
Dr Pratik Shukla  
Dr Bilal Ahmed  
Dr Jino Mathew  
Dr Niall Smyth    

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