Study with us

Study with us

Buildings and Facilities

In the Centre for Intelligent Healthcare, Postgraduate students have access to our research centre, which is based on the 4th floor in the Richard Crossman Building, laboratories in the new Alison Gingell building and the new prototyping lab. As well as this, our Post Graduate Researchers also have the use of resources in the University’s Library that houses academic writing and statistical support plus the use of facilities and resources within the University’s new Doctoral College premises.

Overview of activities and opportunities

The centre is very proud to have a number of industry and health trust collaborations in place, which has helped us to build a strong reputation in the sector.

The Centre is committed to providing a creative, supportive and innovative research environment for our students, encouraging personal development, stakeholder engagement and collaboration with our own internal experts.

All PhD students are entitled to request funding, each academic year, to support the purchase of research material and equipment, up to the value of £250 (for full time study) or £150 per annum (Part time study mode). In addition to this, a one off £300 can also be requested for a conference where abstracts have been accepted. The Doctoral College offers an array of training and personal development opportunities, and the faculty holds an annual research conference for both staff and Post Graduate Researchers to attend and present, which we strongly encourage our postgraduate community to participate in.

Local key staff in the Research Centre

The Centre has a strong Research Leadership Team and support staff who are creating an exciting and innovative environment for our Post Graduate Researchers and early career researchers. Meet the team: