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Meet the Team

The Centre for Intelligent Healthcare (CIH) has a strong Research Leadership Team and support staff who are creating an exciting and innovative environment for our Post Graduate Researchers and early career researchers.

Professor Deborah Lycett

Director of the Centre for Intelligent Healthcare

Professor Lycett has an international reputation in the investigation of holistic interventions fit for a digital world.  Professor Lycett’s research also focuses on embracing a biopsychosocial-spiritual model of health to improve well-being, disease states and healthcare as well as the use and success of Faith-based interventions in eating behaviours and nutrition-related diseases

Professor Deborah Lycett is supported by the following members of staff who make up the Centres’ Senior Leadership Team:


Name Theme Area of expertise
Professor Dingchang Zheng Healthcare Technology & Innovation Healthcare technologies, devices and solutions with physiological measurements, bio-signal and medical imaging processing, computational modelling and artificial intelligence.
Professor Andy Turner Digital Self-Management Interventions Digital Self-management interventions for individuals with long term conditions, such as; cancer, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and heart conditions.
Professor John Allen Healthcare Technology & Innovation Vascular optics and microcirculation. Optical sensors including cardiovascular pulse using advanced photoplethysmography. Assessment of tissue structure and physiology by microvascular imaging. Medical device development.
Professor Petra Wark Epidemiology and Evidence-based Healthcare Nutritional and chronic disease epidemiologist. Applied statistics. Development and validation of digital health technologies used for wellbeing/disease prevention or management.
Professor Sebastien Farnaud Enterprise & Innovation (Cross-Centre) Bioleaching. Microbiological and Biotech applications. Biomedical aspects of iron metabolism - particularly in Parkinson Disease. Antimicrobial peptides.
Dr Lorna O’Doherty Abuse, Trauma and Health Health, digital and community-based interventions. Cohort studies and secondary analyses. Qualitative research in fields of domestic and sexual violence.
Dr Om Kurmi Epidemiology and Evidence-based Healthcare (and PGR Lead) Lifestyles, occupational and environmental (air pollution) determinants of chronic diseases (cardiorespiratory), co-morbidities and multimorbidity. Cardiorespiratory health. The role of occupational exposures in diseases burden, workplace interventions for return to work, effects of work on health and improving work capability.
Professor Louise Moody Arts and Well-being The development of products, interventions and services to benefit health and wellbeing, using design thinking and human factors in the development of assistive technology and solutions to support the management of long term health conditions. Research methods include art-based approaches to ensure that new products, systems, services and interventions are functional as well as being desirable and acceptable to end-users and stakeholders.

External Honorary Professors

Name Theme Area of expertise
Professor Alf Collins NHS England Professor Alf Collins is the Clinical Director of the Personalised Care Group, NHS England. Alf is a doctor, commissioner, researcher and national policy advisor in person-centred care.
Professor Mike McGillion McMaster University Professor Michael McGillion is an Associate Professor and holds the Heart and Stroke Foundation/Michael G. DeGroote Endowed Chair of Cardiovascular Nursing Research at the McMaster University School of Nursing.

Associate Professors

Name Theme Area of expertise
Dr Syed Aziz Shah Healthcare Technology & Innovation Mobile health, prototype design, radar sensing for healthcare technologies, non-invasive fall detection, physiological measurements, remote patient monitoring wireless sensing, machine learning and cyber security for intelligent healthcare.
Dr Jiangtao Wang Healthcare Technology & Innovation Pervasive/ubiquitous computing, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. Developing real-world pathways of healthcare, Enhancing quality of life.
Dr Faith Martin Digital Self-Management Interventions Registered Clinical Psychologist. Registered Health Psychologist. Designing and evaluating low-intensity technology based interventions. Long-term conditions.
Dr Robyn Tapp Healthcare Technology & Innovation Translated population-based data; Primary and secondary prevention of diabetes and its severe complications. Diabetes prevention trial. Childhood growth patterns and latent cardiovascular risk factors on the heart and vasculature in adult life. Online management course for diabetic eye disease.

Assistant Professors

Name Theme Area of expertise
Dr Cain Clark Epidemiology Data and statistical analyses. Behaviour, nutrition, and physical activity. Human movement, gait, sensors or wearable technology.
Dr Maxine Whelan Healthcare Technology & Innovation Digital interventions evaluation. Physical activity and physiological vital signs. Self-management and prevention of long-term health conditions.
Dr Hayley Wright Digital Self-Management Interventions Cognitive ageing, cognitive decline, mild cognitive impairment, dementia and stroke. Digital self-management. Cognitive screening; dementia and cognitive impairment following stroke.
Dr Yuhang Xu Healthcare Technology & Innovation Signal Processing, Electronic Engineering, Software Development, Healthcare Application. Software development in neuroscience and intelligent healthcare.

Research Fellows

Name Theme Area of expertise
Dr Grace Carter Behavioural Science Health & behavioural digital and community-based interventions. Domestic abuse and/or sexual violence.
Dr Riya Patel Public health, Community and faith-based interventions Behavioural scientist. Religiously-Integrated Health Interventions. Psychology of Eating.
Dr Haipeng Liu Healthcare Technology & Innovation Biomechanical and hemodynamic simulation, artificial intelligence, data analysis, and wearable medical devices. Technologies in cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
Dr Kim Bul Healthcare Technology & Innovation Serious games, gamification, e-health, (mental) health care, behaviour change and technology-based intervention research. Innovative technologies from concept to commercialization. Usability, feasibility, pilot and RCTs.

Prototype Design and Usability

Name Theme Area of expertise
Paul Magee Healthcare Technology & Innovation Industrial designer of assistive technology, medical diagnostic devices, domestic products and vehicles; Rapid prototyping, rapid manufacture and fully functional prototypes. Co-Creation of health information, co-design.
Nikki Holliday Healthcare Technology & Innovation Co-creative research methods. User testing physical and digital products.

Professional Services

Name Title
Karen Edwards Operations Manager

Support Office

Name Title
Abbie Cox Operations Support Manager
Paula McBride Operations Administrator
Saleema Tai Operations Administrator
Olivia Best Operations Administrator

Research Project Delivery Support Team

Name Title
Joanne Lloyd Research Delivery Support Partner
Laura Tippin Research Delivery Support Assistant
 Queen’s Award for Enterprise Logo
University of the year shortlisted
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