Postgraduate Community

Postgraduate Community

The Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity has a thriving student community who are integral to the success of the Centre and contribute to our wide-ranging research portfolio.

Applied Economic Analysis & Policy


Name Thesis Title Director of Studies Supervisor
Mrs Sa'Adatu Bamalli Socio-Cultural and Economic Determinants of Maternal Morality in Nigeria: A Study of the North-West Region Qiaoyuan Lin Judith Kabajulizi

Mansoob Murshed
Mr Reason Chivaka Influences of Socio-economic Factors on Business Internationalization in Africa by East Asian Companies. A Case Study of Zimbabwe Eunju Hwang  Jin-Sun Park
Mr Dumbiri Ezike The Macroeconomic Effect Of Intra Regional Trade In Trading Blocs A Case Study Of ECOWAS Member States Dr Judith Kabajulizi Francis Darko
Miss Emily Jane Mace A Case Study of the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games 2018: The Economic and Tourism Impacts on South Korea Adam Talbot Panos Andrikopoulos

Ian Brittain
Mrs Alison Maton  Sustainability Indicators for Urban Overtourism Avoidance Planning: Case Study of Reykjavic, Iceland  Vijay Reddy Martin Selby

Hanna Yakavenka
Ms Mirela Nica Assessment of Tourism Lessons From Northern Ireland: A Post-Conflict Perspective  Vijay Reddy Daniel Santamaria
Mrs Oghenerukevwe Oghenemarho Onomavwe Exploring Free Trade and Protectionism for Economic Growth in Nigeria Abay Mulatu Mansoob Murshed
Mr Leitrim Pearson The impact of a dissociative utility maximisation theory in human capital production. Anna Cartwright Andre Soares

Daniel Santamaria
Ms Vishnee Sowamber Assessment of Opportunities and Challenges Facing Jammu and Kashmir Tourism: A Post-Conflict Perspective  Daniel Santamaria Randhir Auluck

Serena Hussain
Mrs Natalya Steane Master by Research in Korean Studies Eunju Hwang Salvatore Coluccello
Mr Adam Thompson To What Extent is Donation Behaviour Sensitive to the Framing of Overhead Expenditure Information in Charitable Giving? Anna Cartwright Panos Andrikopoulos

Lory Barile (ext)


Finance and Governance

Name Thesis Title Director of Studies Supervisor
Mr Mohammad Adenemi Adepoju An Empirical Assessment of the Channels Through Which Improved Technology Influences the Long-term Effect of ERM on Firm Performance: Evidence From the UK Amir Khorasgani Sailesh Tanna

Jin Suk Park
Mr Thomas Kayode Adeyemi Analysis of Coroporate Governance Disclosure Statements by UK FTSE 350 Companies Salem Alhababsah Mei Yu

Panos Andrikopoulos
Mr Tanveer Ahmed Assessing the Prospect for Islamic Home Finance in the UK Sarkar Kabir Aqsa Aziz

Umut Turksen

Sheharyar Hamid
Mr Daniel Akpan The Relationship Amongst ESG SD Gs Financial Performance Investment Productivity And Wages: A Study Of The Nigerian And UK Banking Energy Sectors Dr Qazi Awais Amin Professor Nathan Joseph
Mrs Kholoud Mashour S Al Garni Financial Inclusion and Bank Performance in MENA Region: A Comparative Analysis Ahmed El-Masry Isaiah Oino
Mr Muhammad Adnan Aslam An Investigation on Stock Market Volatility: A Comparative Study of Developed, Frontier & Emerging Markets Mohammed Khaleq Newaz Jin Suk Park

Timothey Rodgers
Mr Shadi Ismail Mohammad Bani Hani Impact of Geographical Ownership on Corporate Financial Performance from 2011 to 2017: Evidence from the UK Andrews Owusu Mohammad Khaleq Newaz

Panos Andrikopoulos
Miss Marian Chatoro  Pricing Catastrophic Risk Bonds with Expectaion-maximization Algoritms Panos Andrikopoulos Jia Shao, Fei He
Mr Chigozile Nnamdi Chuku Non-oil Export in the Economic Growth of Nigeria from 1970-2016. A Vector Autoagressive Analysis Jin Suk Park Mohammad Newaz

Timothy Rodgers
Mr Phuong Dong Dao The dark side of crowdfunding Dr Thang Nguyen Panagiotis Andrikopoulos

Lorenzo Pasculli
Mr Olusegun Michael Eluyefa Financial inclusion and banking services: A critical appraisal from the prism of law and regulation Stuart Maclennan Lindsey Appleyard
Mr George Hulene The Evolution of Executive Compensation Within FTSE100 Companies During 2004-2014. Is the Link Bewtween Pay & Performance Still Valid? Graham Sadler Sailesh Tanna

Salem Alhababsah
Mr Mark Holmes A Portfolio of outputs seeking to identify and study the relationships between different mechanisms within the corporate governance environment Professor Yilmaz Guney   Professor Panagiotis Andrikopoulos
Mrs Portia Hylton The Impact of Audit Committee Characteristics on Earnings Management Pre-During & Post Financial Crisis: Evidence from the United Kingdom Ahmed El-Masry Andrews Owusu

Salem Alhababsah
Miss Siddra Iqbal The Reporting of Research & Development (R&D) & its Impact on the Value Relevance of Financial Statements Ahmed El-Masry Ahmed Saleh

Loai Alsaid
Mr Didarul Islam Corporate Social Responsibility & Firm Performance of Bangladeshi SMEs Alaa Alhaj Ismail Prabhu Udawatte

Panos Andrikopoulos
Mr Johirul ISLAM How Sustainable Financing Can Facilitate The Sustainable Development Goals For Bangladesh Abdurafiu Noah Sarkar Kabir
Mr Md Rakibul ISLAM How Ethical Microfinance Can Help To Achieve Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) Sarkar Kabir Ahmed Elmasry
Mrs Erefagha Yekoragha Jerome Ukaoke The Effect of Microfinance Services on the Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises Amir Khorasgani Thang Nguyen

Ahmed El-Masry

Mr David Ralph Jones Vale, Ad Valorem: Pricing & the Perception of Value in Retail Financial Services Panos Andrikopoulos Lien Luu
Mr Stanley Kupezare Gender Diversity & Earnings Management Using Classical shifting: Evidence from UK Andrews Owusu Mohammad Newaz

Timothy Rodgers
Miss Eun Kyoung Lee Political & Institutional Determinants of the Performance of the Islamic Banking & Sukuk Sarkar Kabir Sailesh Tanna

Asqa Aziz
Miss Devi Megawati  Assessing Disclosure by Zakat Institutions in Indonesia  Rasha Kassem Umut Turksen

Ahmed El-Masry
Mr Nam Trung Nguyen A critical analysis of Vietnamese seat of arbitration and the possibility to enhance the integrity and effective functioning of arbitration Umut Turksen Adam Abukari
Mr Andrew Ojo Board Role, Characteristics and Performance: Empirical Evidence from Emerging Economies Mei Yu Hailin Liao
Miss Ruth Owusu Mensah Corporate governance, Ownership Structure and Earnings Management: A Cross G7 Countries Study Andrews Owusu Panos Andrikopoulos
Mr Hildebrando P Kafute E Pahula Debt Relief and the Macroeconomic Performance of Natural Resource Developing Countries  Sailesh Tanna Judith Kabajulizi

Baseerit Nissah
Ms Brinderjit Rajpal Impact of National Cultural Diversity Within Directors of Corporate Boards on Firm Performance: International Evidence 2006-2016 Graham Sadler Sailesh Tanna
Mr Quintin George Rayer Ethical & Sustainable Investment Tools: Methods & Applications Professor Panos Andrikopoulos Professor Nathan Joseph
Mr Caleb ROBERT FinTech, an innovative approach to risk management (Financial Stability) Ahmed El-Masry Sarkar Kabir
Mr Elly Sanga The Impacts Of Corporate Governance (Internal Control Mechanisms), In Response To The Corporate Social Responsibility In Tanzania Stuart Maclennan Neshat Safari

Stephen Foster
Mr Gibrilla Sesay Financial Distress And Corporate Governance ? An Empirical Analysis Ahmed Elmasry Amir Khorasgani
Mr Saad Hassan Shangama Corporate Governance and Firm Performance in Listed Companies in the United Kingdom Ahmed Elmasry Ahmed Saleh

Mei Yu
Mr Mutian Sun Investors? Overconfidence, Trading Behaviour, and Stock Return: Evidence from COVID-19 Epidemic Jun Wang Panagiotis Andrikopoulos

Binqing Xiao (ext)
Mr McFoster Pearson Alick Tembo The effect of culture, religion and ethnicity on Implementation of CSR Practices in Malawi Alaa Alhaj Ismail Panos Andrikopoulos

Hiba Massoud (ext)
Mr Obinna Enoch Ugwu The Moderating Effects of Corporate Governance Index on CSR in Explaining RAEM Practices  Andrews Owusu Jun Wang

Timothy Rodgers
Miss Diana-Mihaela Vladulescu Short Term and Long Term Effects of Say on Pay Laws on Executive Compensation- A Global Perspective  Graham Sadler Salem Alhababsah

Panos Andrikopoulos
Mr Yuhui Wang Capital Structure for Chinese Firms  Jun Wang Hailin Liao

Binging Xiao (ext)
Mr Zhongxue Wu The Influence of Political Connections on Chinese Firm's Capital Structure- An Emperical Research Based on Dynamic Capital Structure Yilmaz Guney Nathan Joseph
Miss Zhifu Xie Determine RMB as Reserve Currency, in Comparison with USD, EUR and JPN Timothy Rogers Wei Song

Hui Pan

Jacek Niklewski
Miss Yutong Ye Multple Large Shareholders Structure (MLSS) and Corporate Governance Timothey Rodgers Jun Wang


Law, Risk and Compliance

Name Thesis Title Director of Studies Supervisor
Mr Aminu Abbas Abubakar Promotion of People's Right to Economic Self-determination & the Adverse Effect of IMF and World Bank's Neoliberal Economic Policies. Margaret Liu Stephen Hardy

Ayesha Shahid
Mr Christopher Aniche A Socio-Legal Perspective on Children’s Rights to Education in Nigeria Ayesha Shahid Margaret Liu Adam Abukari
Mr Gbolahan Olusegan Babalola The Policing & the Impact of Financial Crimes in Contemporary Nigeria: A Comparative Analysis with the United Kingdom Lorenzo Pasculli Stuart MacLennan Panagiotis Andrikopoulos
Mr Oliver Peter Charles The Art of Money Laundering Umut Turksen Costantino Grasso
Mrs Ololade Durodola Artifical Intelligence in Global Financial Corporations: The Business Ethics, Corporate Governance & Social Responsibilty Perspectives Umut Turksen Costantino Grasso
Mr Engin Erken A Comparative Study of Anti-Money Laundering: Organisational Structures of Turkey & the UK Umut Turksen Costantino Grasso

Lorenzo Pasculli
Mr Stephen Holden Whistleblowing and whistleblower protection Lorenzo Pasculli Panos Andrikopoulos
MrJeiel Daven Joseph Quantum Compliance: Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Change Corporate Investment Migration forever? Umut Turksen Donato Vozza
Ms Mairi Laird Changes to the Data Protection Landscape for the 21st Century & the Challenges & Conflicts of the Unique Status of Universities in the UK Umut Turksen Sally Dibb

Sara Degli-Esposti
Mr Mahmoud Masud Freedom of Speech in Islam ans a Possibility of Reconciliation with International Human Rights: An Examination of the Internal Policies of Selected Islamic Countries and Culture Stephen Foster Umut Turksen
Mr Allan Joel Zalimba Ntata Fighting a Corrupt Mindset: Corruption, Culture, Politics and the Law in Malawi. Dr Lorenzo Pasculli Professor Panos Andrikopoulos
Mr Iberedem Udofia Obot An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Laws on Commercial Disputes Resolutions: A Comparative Study Between Kenya, Uk and USA Umut Turksen Stuart MacLennan
Mr Somtobechukwu Nwachukwu Okpala Corporate Social Responsibility and its Role in Reducing Tax Avoidance Stuart Maclennan Lorenzo Pasculli

Panos Andrikopoulos
Miss Jasmine Otuko Osabutey Mob Justice and the Rule of Law: A Case Study of Ghana Brian Ikejiaku Steve Foster

Umut Turksen
Mrs Oluwatobiloba Oyefeso How does the Nigerian government enforce the security of children's Rights? An analysis of corporal punishment in public schools. Brian Ikejiaku Margaret Liu

Ayesha Shahid
Miss Khadidjatou Yassine Sangare How is the Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards Conducted in Developing Countries and Developed Countries: A Comparative Analysis Between OHADA Regimes and the United Kingdom Margaret Liu Stephen Hardy

Stuart MacLennan
Mr Alexander Ian Simmonds The Worker Voice: Global perspectives on Procedural Fairness and the Right to be Heard in Workplace Disciplinary Proceedings Stephen Hardy Lorenzo Pasculli
Mrs Grace Young Integrating Human Rights in the World Trade: Quest by the Global South. Margaret Liu Adam Abukari

Ayesha Shahid

CFCI Faculty Post Graduate Team

Within our collegiate environment, our PhD candidates are well supported both within CFCI and the Faculty of Business and Law. The programmes are overseen by the University's Doctoral College, which gives our PhD candidates access to additional learning, networking and engagement opportunities.  Dr Jin Suk Park​  is the first point of contact for PhD applications, however, CFCI also has a dedicated support team in Faculty:

Senior Research Management:

Professor Nigel Berkeley – Associate Dean – Research

Professor Panagiotis Andrikopoulos – Executive Director – CFCI

Research Degree Management:

Dr Jin Suk Park​ – CFCI PGR Director and Associate Professor

Nicola Boyle – Operations Manager - CFCI

Research Support:

Amy Gravell – Research Support Administrator

Kate Pope - Research Support Administrator

Professor Ahmed El-Masry - Professor in Corporate Finance and Governance, Cluster Lead for Finance and Governance (FG)​

Dr Abay Mulatu - Associate Professor and Cluster Lead ​for Applied Economic Analysis and Policy (AEAP)​

Prof Dr Umut Turksen - Professor in Law, Cluster Lead for Law, Risk and Compliance (LRC)

Our PGR Success Stories and Testimonials

Mairi Laird – 3rd Year PGR Student in CFCI

“I am a third year PGR in the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Coventry and have found the staff to be really supportive and helpful. I’ve had some personal issues (two separate broken legs!) and my supervisors were massively accommodating and able to put measures in place so that I could study remotely.

I came direct from industry, and was a mature student with just an undergraduate degree and I was worried that I would be out of my depth and feel like I was making a massive academic jump to PhD level study, but the support of my team and the wider staff community such as student support services and the library subject team have helped to smooth the transition.

I have also been able to take part in two events within the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Festival of Social Sciences on bribery and corruption, helping to present research findings to both the public and to professional interested parties, which will be very useful for me as I look towards what I’m going to do after my PhD”.

Leitrim Pearson – Year 1 PGR student in CFCI

“A PhD programme plays a key role in contributing new knowledge to a field of study as well as developing the skills of the upcoming researcher. Coventry University has provided so far an outstanding experience for this PGR student by improving upon current skill sets such as analysis and problem solving, research and information management, and written and oral communication to develop my identity as a researcher. Equally, the support and resources provided by Coventry University has encouraged progression and development of researchers, emphasising the value that research students in different faculties provided to both institution and wider society. As a result, I would recommend any students wishing to peruse a research degree to highly consider Coventry University if you are passionate about developing intellectually and being part of a wider community that aims to develop our understanding of the world”.

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